Trampoline Safety Tips for People with Children

Parents often worry about their children getting on a trampoline. Well, their worry is always justifiable. There is always a risk of injury when jumping on a 10 ft trampoline with enclosure. The impact may differ from fall to fall. Muscle strains, sprains and even serious head injuries can result from falling off a trampoline.

It will be difficult to deal with a child begging to have his friends jump on a trampoline all at once when the best response your fear can lead you to do is a big fat no. So give you a little courage, here are some safety tips you can carry for your family.

Always Have Safety Nets and Pads – You can never be too safe when it comes to children. Having this combo will avoid little fingers and toes from getting pinched by the springs and falling off the trampoline. Make the experience memorable and never traumatic.

Be on Level Ground – Make sure the surface your trampoline is at is flat and solid. Never place it on an inclined surface. That’s like having danger on your speed dial. Also, remove or trim the branches that overhang your trampoline if there are trees in your backyard.

Limit Activity – Never allow multiple people to get on the trampoline and always have someone watch over them. You were right about being a killjoy this time! Even if they are trained in gymnastics, never allow anyone to do somersaults or flips in your backyard. You will be held liable in case any injury occurs to them.

Discourage Unsupervised Jumping – Do not install a trampoline ladder. This will make it easier for smaller children to get on the trampoline. It is better to put them on it. If someone else is jumping and a smaller child climbs up, he/she might get pushed and may fall off the trampoline. No one wants to hear a little child cry when it’s supposed to be happy play time.

For parents, safety is always be the priority. If you plan on getting a new toy for the family to enjoy, get a 10 ft trampoline with enclosure. Take note of the enclosure. But even with added safety measures on the trampoline itself, it is always best to supervise and guide whoever is on it. You may seem like a paranoid parent, but there’s no way you are letting anything bad happen to your precious child.

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