Trampoline Ladder

Premier Trampolines trampoline ladders are designed to make accessing your trampoline safely, especially for your users.  It is very dangerous to use other non trampoline designed products to enter and exit your trampoline, such as step ladders.  Our 3 rung ladders hook safely over the trampoline frame and the ladder hook in coated in thick rubber. The trampoline ladder hook will not damage your trampoline frame or scratch it.

Our ladders are securely held in place so there is not need for screws or bolts. If you have a trampoline that is 10ft to 16ft in size our trampoline ladders will be perfect.

Premier Trampolines are strong safe and built to last, we are leader in trampoline spare parts in Australia and stock Trampoline nets, mats, springs and safety pads.

A Trampoline without a ladder is an accident waiting to happen.  Click to find out more about our Trampoline Ladders.

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