Premier Trampolines Springless Trampolines

A great alternative to Spring Trampolines are Springless Trampolines.

We have removed the springs from a traditional spring trampoline, and replaced them with thick, side, strong bands to the trampoline mat.  This give the user just a much bounce with the springless trampoline as our spring trampolinse, but under the safety pad is a complete soft fall area.

Premier Trampolines Springless trampoline are great for young users and parents who are concerned about the trampoline springs under the safety pad.

You still get the strong and safe safety net, thick pvc pad and padded trampoline enclosure.  It’s a great alternative to the Springfree design which is out of the price reach of some families.

Visit Premier Trampolines Springless Trampoline range for full details and price.  Springless trampoline range Springless trampolines


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