How to install a Spring Trampoline by Premier Trampolines

Let’s bring this back to review on how you can install your fave round trampoline.

If you are ever unsure of how to install your trampoline, please contact us.  We can talk you through the process over the phone.  We have produced a trampoline installation video  on our website, which only takes 1 minute to watch, but we are sure that it will make life easier.

Our Premier Trampoline come with a very extensive installation manual, sometimes it is easier to watch how it is done.  Enjoy your new spring trampoline Premier Trampolines.


Get to Know a Trampoline

A trampoline is a device composed of a strong piece of fabric stretched over a frame made of steel and attached with the use of coils or springs. You basically use it for jumping. It is mostly used for recreation and also for competition, and can be used either outdoors or indoors. It works by jumping in and bouncing out and back. It is somewhat risky to use and a person using it may need supervision by trained personnel or experts, depending on how this device is used.

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With safety precautions, hazards can however be eliminated. Risks can be any injury resulting from jumping against other jumpers on top of the trampoline and jumping out and falling off the floor. Nets can be installed around the trampoline to promote safety. Kids love jumping and love trampolines.

Some adults also enjoy jumping and use the trampoline to release stress, and burn some calories. Definitely this is an easier way to lose your excess fat than working it out in a gym. This may have paved the creation of facilities with trampoline or what we call trampoline parks.  Owners charge a certain fee for using their trampolines.

Trampolines are also available these days inside malls where you let your kids jump and you pay for the time spent. But kids do not just use the trampoline for fun and play. Trampolines are also used in occupational therapy clinics for children with sensory processing disorder and behavioral disorders like autism, ADHD, and the likes. Trampolines are used for these kids as an outlet for energy, and gross motor practice.

Recently, the trampoline has been used in competition for Trampolining – a new Olympic sport that has been developed.