Moving House Tips and Transporting Trampolines

Learning trampoline tricks on a 10 ft trampoline with enclosure is doable. It is even easy for some. If you know how to do simple back flips or somersaults, you can do the more complicated tricks. If you’re planning to be on the next Olympic gymnastics superstar, you are on the right track. However one move you might not want to make is transferring to a new house with a big trampoline in tow.

Changing addresses is just one of the many things not everyone enjoys.  It is a hassle. Merely thinking about the move is already stressful. Much more if you used to live in a big house and then move to a smaller one. Some of your things may need to go to storage; some may need to be thrown out for good. Of course you can still keep your favourites. But what about your children’s trampoline?

Before you decide on what to do, consider how much space you have. If you’re living in a place with a big lawn or backyard, the best way to move your trampoline is to disassemble it before moving, then reassemble it again once you’re settled with everything in your new home.

The first thing you need to do when disassembling a trampoline is unhook all the springs from the mat. If you have an enclosure net and safety padding, take them off first. When the springs are off the trampoline mat, the legs should be disassembled next. Be careful not to lose the springs, nuts and bolts that come with the trampoline. Losing one will not make your trampoline as functional as before. Although you can get replacements from the manufacturer but that would be an added hassle. So, keep them in a box altogether. The nuts and bolts can be placed in a small plastic bag that should be closed.

If you do not have the space for a trampoline in your new home, you can sell it to your neighbour and get yourself a smaller one. You can also leave it to the new owner of your old home. That is easier than trying to squeeze it in a tiny space. It won’t be safe to use as well.

So when you’re moving houses, always think about how much space you’ll get when deciding to bring your trampoline and 10 ft trampoline with enclosure. When it is too small, don’t force the big trampoline in. Get a new one. You can always choose one online.

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  1. Never overload your boxes with heavy items, place heavy items like books, cutlery into book boxes. Book boxes are also good for your stemmed glassware and more delicate items (books & glassware shouldn’t be packed together).

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