How to measure your trampoline mat

Springless trampolinesWe recommend that you regularly check the safety of your trampoline mat.  A small hole or tear in the matting can result in a serious injury if the user falls through the mat while being used.

When you order your replacement trampoline mat you need to take a few measurements to make sure you order the correct size.  Not all replacement trampoline mats are equal.


You firstly need to measure the diameter of your trampoline.  Run your tape measure over the width of your trampoline from frame to frame straight across the middle.  This will be for example,  12ft in diameter.  This is the size mat you buy.


Then count the number of springs that your trampoline has.  The trampoline mat you order needs to have the same amount of trampoline spring quantity.


Thirdly, measure the length of spring that you have on your trampoline at the moment, including the hook.  This is the step that most people forget or the site you buy your trampoline mat from does not advise you to do.  This spring length must be the same as the spring length that the mat you buy is made for.

For example: if the springs on your trampoline at home are say, 178mm long, and the 12ft replacement mat is cut to fit a spring length of 208mm, the mat will not fit.  The spring length must be the same.

So, you’ve found a mat that is the correct diameter and has the same amount of trampoline spring attachments, but the spring length is different, what do you do.  You have two options, re-spring the whole trampoline, or buy a whole new trampoline.

It doesn’t sound promising, but unfortunately we meet customers all the time who have  bought a trampoline and the store does not sell spare parts for their trampolines, or have disappeared into thin air.

Happy trampoline mat hunting.  Trampoline Replacement Mat

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