How to care for your trampoline safety net or trampoline enclosure

Good quality trampoline safety nets should last you many years.  A trampoline safety net is a must to have around any trampoline.  If you have a trampoline safety net you can relax when your children play on your trampoline  How bad would you feel if your childs friend fell from your trampoline and broke an arm or leg?  This could have easily avoided by having a trampoline safety net around your trampoline.

You will get many years of use from your trampoline safety net if you follow some simple steps:

  • Buy a safety net of good quality.  Many on the market these days are very think and will break down quickly in the sun.  Make sure that it is made from strong terylene weave.
  • Make sure that your children do not intentionally jump into the enclosure net or jump up and hang off the top of the net.  This will, in time pull the trampoline enclosure sleeves away from the stitching or pull the trampoline enclosure sleeves through the top of the trampoline enclosure poles.  This can easily be avoided.
  • Do the zip up.  It simple, it will stop that accidental fall out.
  • Cut any overhanding tree branches away from the net.
  • Do not let your children play on the trampoline with toys or sticks.

Happy jumping.  Click here to order.

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