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Four Ways to Celebrate the New Year

Wow! Just like that, 2015 is about to come to a close. Can you believe how fast 12 months went by? Amazing!

Of course, having a fun dinner with your loved ones is a must. Finding that unexpected twist is something you should get ready for. Next to food and waiting for the count down, you may want to do some activities. Here are a few ideas.

Play some parlour games.

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Kids get bored waiting for the count down. They either fall asleep or just throw nasty tantrums. To avoid those unlikely situations, how about be the game master and play some games they would play in children’s parties? It will be fun and of course don’t forget to give prices!

They say jumping as the New Year rings in helps you get taller. True or not, jumping on a trampoline is really fun! Best way to burn that big dinner you have. Continue reading

Five Things You Need to Know About Trampolines

Every kid loves trampolines. The thrill of each jump is everything a kid wants in a game. Though a lot of parents are against them, trampolines are actually great tools to teach children how to be more balanced and have better coordination.

We give you five reasons why you and your children need a trampoline.

It’s the best exercise.

NASA said so! According to their research, a 10-minute session is even better than a 30-minute run. Definitely a great way to keep the kids active and healthy even inside your yard.

It’s a great stress reliever.

If you’re finding a way to wind down after a hard day at school or work, jumping on a trampoline is your best bet. The repetitive bouncing is also a great workout for your sensory skills.

It can help remedy bad behaviour.

Jumping up and down a trampoline can help get rid of the extra energy kids have. Some can be destructive when they’re hyperactive. It can also help them send more oxygen to their brain which helps them more active and alert! Continue reading

How to Be Productive

On some days, we all have that feeling of sluggishness. We just want to stay in bed, watch a movie and sleep all day. Though these are okay once in a while, it’s not a good practise to do for an entire month. You need to get on your feet and do something productive. How does one do that? Here are some tips on how you can be productive even on your laziest of moments.

1. Go to bed early = wake up early = more time to do stuff.

Getting up early for the day will give you lots of time. You can enjoy a good breakfast, join a spinning class, jump on your backyard trampoline and have a 20-minute shower before going to work.

2. Have a mantra.

Whether it’s the good old “Just Do It” tag from Nike or something else, say it to yourself until you start believing in it. This will give you drive to do something with gusto. Continue reading