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Practical Safety Tips for Every Trampoline Owner

Having children at home means the energy in the house is never down. They have so much energy they can probably power up a car. Their only down time is when they take naps or when it’s time to sleep at night. That’s even a struggle for some parents. A great way to waste their energy is by letting them get on good quality trampolines.

You might think of all the safety hazards a trampoline brings. How can jumping to the air and landing on a mat ever be safe? Well, they can be avoided with the following precautions every trampoline owner has to know.

Use Safety Pads – These are the pads that are used to cover the springs. They will help avoid getting those cute little fingers and toes from getting pinched. They are the trampoline spring’s version of a raincoat.

Choose the Right Location – Put your trampoline where the ground is flat. It is also better if it is on grass or some mulch. Be sure that there is enough space for the entire trampoline. A little more should be left. Continue reading

Ensure Your Family’s Safety By Checking Trampoline Reviews Before Buying One


A trampoline is one of the best investments that families can make for themselves and their children. This outdoor equipment is a great way to spend time with kids and loved ones and at the same it also gives your body ample exercise. Because of the nature of the activity done on this piece of equipment, it is very prone to damage and as such, it’s very important for buyers to choose one that is of high quality to ensure the safety of users.

There are many ways to check for the quality and make of a trampoline; for instance, you can inspect parts closely before purchase or you can inquire as to the materials used for important components, such as the mat and net enclosure. However, personal inspection may not be possible in certain cases, such as when you are buying a trampoline through an online store. For situations such as this, a more effective way to determine the quality of a particular brand or model is by checking online reviews.

There are many websites that enable buyers to post their own reviews of trampolines. However, it is possible for people to create false reviews to enhance or damage the reputation of a particular brand or product, especially since you can post articles on the Internet anonymously. Because of this, buyers who are looking up trampoline reviews prior to purchase must be able to recognise whether a review is genuine or not.

One way to determine the authenticity of a product review is to closely inspect the content of the article. If the review tends to use positive (or negative) descriptions a little too much and sounds rather vague, chances are it’s a fake. Genuine product users tend to describe specific characteristics that made them like (or dislike) a particular product. In addition, make sure to check how the review is written. Does it read like someone throwing you a sales pitch? If it does, then it’s probably a fabricated review.

False reviews are actually quite abundant on the Internet, so it is definitely not enough to read just a few. To get a better idea about the quality of a trampoline, potential buyers must then read numerous reviews. Also, make sure to check more than one review website because it is possible for a single fake user to create multiple reviews on a single website to tilt the rating in favour of or against the product.

Information on the Internet can indeed help buyers before they buy trampolines. Just like in real life, however, it is still wise to practice caution and vigilance against false reviews designed to influence your purchasing decisions.

Have Trampoline Parties or Go Surfing Because Spring is Back

In just a week, Australia will be welcoming spring again. All the flowers will be in bloom, the weather not too cold and the sun is just beaming with happiness. It’s the best time of the year for everyone who loves sunshine and bright colours! It’s also the time you can start keeping your coats and boots until next year’s winter.

Spring is very much welcome in every Aussie’s heart. What better way to show how everyone missed spring by throwing a small party? Here are some fun activities to give the best time of the year a proper homecoming celebration.

1. Winery Hopping

If you have an affair with wine, this is probably something you’ve done before. Spring is the best time to visit wineries because of the weather: neither too cold nor too hot. Gather up some friends and have a wine tasting session. Just remember to have a designated driver to avoid accidents. You don’t want to drink and drive, you might spill your drink! 😉

2. Diving and Surfing

If seeing too much green isn’t for you, some blue might. Watch as pro surfers conquer the waves. Who knows? You just might have what it takes to be a surfer. Continue reading