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Fun Fitness with Trampolines

Many people outgrow bouncing on trampolines. They think it is just for children or teenagers. Recently, springless trampoline review have been off the charts. Jumping on those bad boys is actually a great physical exercise that will surely get your blood pumping and sweat streaming down your neck. A great thing about is that you can do it at home or in a gym with a few friends. Fitness is always fun when you have company.

According to health experts, jumping on a trampoline is very good even for middle-aged, sedentary women. There is a great improvement in their bodies even if they only have 30 minute workouts every day. It may not be as drastic as doing core kinesis or P90x but it is a lingering change that will surely stick.

Jumping on trampolines also increases the leg strength especially to those who need to walk for hours and hours every day like college students. Similar results have been reported by gymnastic coaches as they have included trampoline work in their trainees exercise. They have suggested that this is good for the heart muscles without feeling too much exertion. It is more pleasurable than running miles and miles especially to those who do not exercise regularly.

Improvements in balance and core strength have been seen on those who regularly jump on a trampoline. Athletes also have better performance when it comes to their sport as they are more balanced and they can easily find their core. Lymphatic drainage and weight loss are also the effects of having a jumping workout.

However, there are also many bad news about having a trampoline-based exercise. Common fitness injuries like sprains, shin splints, fractures and dislocations. There are some cases that damage some soft tissues like bruises and lacerations. This happens when the jumper falls on the non-elastic area of the trampoline.

To avoid these instances, here are a few things every jumper should think about before getting on.

  1. Set the trampoline on a flat, dry area. Make sure it is far from walls with a lot of open space surrounding it. The vibrations caused by the movement can result in the movement of the trampoline.
  2. Ensure that all safety measures are met. Always have a safety enclosure as well as safety pads even if you have springless trampolines. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Even if gymnasts are barefoot when they jump on the trampoline, it is best to wear a pair of shoes with great ankle support to avoid mishaps like sprains.

Learned a lot of thing from this article? Remember to read springless trampoline reviews on before getting one for yourself. With that, you are good to go!

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How to Keep Yourself Busy After a Break Up

Being recently single after a long relationship can be tough – especially when you can’t do anything but think about your ex. You stare at your phone for what seems hours waiting for a text that wouldn’t come and think of ways on how to avoid awkward encounters with your ex. If this sounds like your current dilemma, here are some things you can do to keep your mind off the boy.

Work, work, work.

Spend more time working or you can also find a second job. You’ll find new friends in the office too! And remember, no one’s gonna pay for those bills, honey.

Go to the gym.

Working out is the best way to stay fit and forget about your past SO. Going for a run or hitting that punching bag is better than analysing how things went sour. Take it from Kourtney Kardashian. The revenge body is totally working for her. Continue reading

Fun Gifts for the Newly Married Couple

People are getting married left and right. Next to your wardrobe, the next thing you worry about is what gift to give. Every guest will surely get the couple a set of sheets for the bedroom, appliances for the kitchen and some décor for the living room. More often than not, they get at least two of each item. Although there are wedding registries available in specialty stores, giving them something you thought of is always better.

Here are four examples of fun gifts for the newly weds.


Who doesn’t want a trampoline? The newly weds would surely love it. Continue reading

Spice Up a Serious Relationship By Doing These Fun Home and Outdoor Adventure

Sometimes, couples forget to have fun. They’re too serious and even forget they have other friends. In modern Internet slang, they call it “hiberdating”. It is when you spend all the time with one another, forgetting there are still other people in the world. While this is cute when you’re in the first few months of your relationship, it can get boring. It often leads to breakups. Definitely not something you want.

That’s why it is important to have more fun together. You can even do stuff with a group. Here are some things you can do with your friends.

Get on your trampoline.

While having the entire 16 ft. trampoline all to yourself is fun, jumping with a group is hilarious. You’ll have loads of fun and even burn some of the calories from the yummy grub your friends made. Visiting a trampoline park works well too. Or better yet, get your own premier trampoline to make the fun more accessible.

Go on a road trip.

Rent out a coaster or a big SUV for everybody in the group. You can go camping or rent an entire house to stay in during a long weekend. You can do games like beer pong or King’s Cup. You can also play board games like you used to when you were younger.

Including your friends in your relationship will make it healthier. You can spend time with your friends without the partner and vice versa. As long as you have trust, nothing will go wrong. Just remember to keep private problems to yourself. Unless it’s really a difficult one for you.

How to Make Dad Feel Special

It’s the time of the year fathers are honoured for the person that they are. Like  few of us, many not only treat dad for a day but give him extra love and affection for an entire month. Dad’s are every child’s first best friend and for every girl, the number one man in their lives. Since they’re the ones that are hardest to find gifts for, making them feel special is a must. Here’s how you can make dad feel more special than ever.

1. Take him to his favourite place.

It can be a golf course or a firing range. Dad will love it when he sees you support his hobby.

2. Treat him to a spa.

Dads often wonder why mum loves the spa. The best massages of course! Let him try it and see how he enjoys it. Continue reading