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Trampoline Practice Makes Perfect

Ever want to do something on the trampoline but you think you can’t? Maybe you’ve tried a trampoline trick but didn’t have the results you wanted. Don’t give up on that dream yet. Here are some tips for practising the trampoline tricks.

Bounce High, Dream High

“If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, either way, you’re right.”-Henry Ford

The first thing you have to do is believe that you can do anything especially a stunt. Everything is difficult at first, maybe even impossible. But there is always a way to do things with a little perseverance. Nothing feels better than doing something you’ve never done before – may it be finally doing that trampoline trick or finish a home project.

Take To The Trampoline

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

With trampolines, starting at the beginning is a good idea. You have to utilize what you have now. It’s always safer to gradually build up on doing tricks and such. Don’t worry about not being able to go on for longer period. It gets better and easier to stay after some time. Each time you go on the trampoline, you’ll bounce higher and faster! Continue reading

New Trampoline Tricks for 2014

To be amazing takes a lot of effort. For trampoline athletes, it takes months to perfect a three-minute choreography. It sounds brutal because is. It requires patience, strength and discipline to achieve the best trick. Not everyone is built for the sport, certainly not the faint hearted.

For those who are interested in trampolining, here is a video of tricks you need to add in your hat.

1.  Trampoline Tricks 2014 Ultra HD

2. Trampoline Tricks 2014 [HD+]

With these tricks, there is no doubt that you can be a trampoline superstar soon.

Australia’s Trampoline Wonderboys

Not so long ago, trampoline rebounding was recognised as an Olympic sport. It showcases grace, talent and discipline. Rebound athletes train day and night to perfect a short routine. They are like gymnasts minus the beams and bars. They jump on trampolines instead. Of course, a beautiful country like Australia also has talented people known for their skill in rebounding.

1.  Blake Gaudry

Just recently, Gaudry won four individual Australian titles in rebounding. He also represented the country during the London Olympics in 2012. Continue reading

The Perfect Gift for the Fitness Enthusiast

In a group of five friends, there’s always someone who’s extra enthusiastic about fitness. They research what work outs work best for them or what the best shake to take is if they want to bulk up. If you’re no fitness buff, finding a gift for them would be a feat. You can’t give them cake or a can of cookies, they’ll end up snubbing the effort it or sneaking it out to their favorite neighbour.

What they want to receive are things they can use to further enhance their strength and flexibility. Here are some things that does just that.

1. TRX Training Set
Continue reading

Trampoline Superstars

Since the year 2000, trampolining has been recognized as an Olympic event. The art of jumping has caused a following and they are definitely one of the most watched events. The athletes showcase different moves and flips as they soar into the sky. They may make it look easy but that one move required weeks and weeks of practice.
Here are some trampoline athletes that you need to know about.

1. Irina Karavayeva

She is a Russian trampolining world champion. She has been the world champion for a staggering 12 times. She also won the very first trampolining event in the Olympics in 2000. Irina also won nine times as the European Champion for trampolining.

2. Karen Cockburn

She was Canada’s representative for the Olympics and World Games. She won the former even three times and the latter event twice. Karen had a lot of wins during her career. She was consistent in being on top.

3. Anna Dogonadze

She won gold medal in the 2004 Summer Olympics for the trampolining event. However, she did not covet the title during the Sydney Olympics in 2008. She was the oldest to compete in the same event during the London Olympics.

Trampolining might not be as famous as basketball or volleyball but they surely have great athletes such as these three. The time and effort it takes to perfect each move is impeccable and leaves some speechless. The discipline that comes along with it is enviable to some.