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Three Trampoline Fails and What You Need to Know About Them

Jumping on a trampoline is fun and even a good workout. However, it can also be the place where most failures in life happen. Check out these people who are obviously not having a good day. Any advice for them?

1. I don’t think your head should be there.

This may seem funny but to be safe, always check your trampoline mat before getting on it. If you see a rip, don’t allow anyone to jump in. It may get bigger and even cause fatal injuries. Continue reading

No to Wet Trampolines, Yes to Having Fun

During the summer, the temperature is high as the sun is. Parents find different ways on letting their children cool down during the hottest days of the year. Even after drinking several glasses of water, they still feel hot and sticky. Using your trampoline to make cooling time fun may be a good idea surface level. You may think that when all the trampoline enclosure parts are installed correctly, accidents can be avoided even on wet on a wet mat.

Trampoline manufacturers do not recommend anyone, adults or children, to jump on a wet trampoline. Many injuries have been accounted for jumping on one. They suggest that no one be allowed to get on a wet trampoline. The jumping mat maybe stable when it is dry, but you can trust it does the same when it is wet. A jumper might get off balance and end up hitting his or her head on the metal frame or slip then injure his or her limbs. It is always best NOT to jump on a wet trampoline. Continue reading

Safety Tips for Wet Trampolines

Trampolines are common backyard toys for children nowadays. There are all sorts of accessories to make for fun jumping and safer experience for them. This includes the universal trampoline enclosure and safety pads. However, even if there are accessories built for the safety of a bouncer, there are still precautions to take seriously. With these simple safety rules, injuries will be kept away.

Since trampolines have a bad reputation for injuries, here are a few safety rules that each trampoline owner should know and religiously follow.

Do not allow anyone including adults to jump on the trampoline when it is wet. Yes you may be branded killjoy after pulling your children out of the device when it rains, but that’s a risk you have to take. A jumper might get out of balance and end up hitting his or her head on the metal frame or slipping and injuring limbs when doing so. It is best to have the trampoline dry up before allowing anyone to jump. Continue reading

Simple Workouts on the Trampoline

When you have a trampoline at your own backyard, why not use it as your own personal gym? Your trampoline is not just for your children’s enjoyment but also for your fitness. Don’t worry about falling off; your trampoline enclosure cover will surely be there to catch you and not some creepy guy when you get off the treadmill.

Here are some great exercises you can do on the trampoline.

Low Impact Cardio – Some of your favorite aerobic moves can be modified on the trampoline. These include jumping jacks, lunges, high knees, running in place and even jogging around the trampoline. What’s great about jumping on the trampoline is it requires a little bit more effort to stay balanced hence making your muscles leaner.

Kickboxing – This is fun to do at the gym or in front of the television. Make it more interesting by doing it on your trampoline. You can kick higher and jump even higher. Just remember, do this alone. You just might hit someone in the face when you do that left high kick.

Yoga – Try your favorite yoga poses on the soft surface of the trampoline. You might not be able to do all of them but it can be fun to try them on a different surface.

Back to Basics – Doing sit ups on the trampoline is easier for your back. Whether you do a modified crunch or a full G.I. Joe sit-up, the trampoline surface is a great place to do your abdominal work outs. Continue reading

Fun and Safe Enclosures at Your Backyard


There are a lot of activities to do that make hanging out in your own backyard fun. Kids love it when mom or dad encourage them to find crazy looking bugs with their adventure kit or even just playing hide and seek under the full moon. There are a lot of things to do in a backyard, especially for kids with the wildest of imaginations.

A great activity staple in a family’s backyard is a trampoline. And when it comes to this device, users have their fair share of concern especially on safety. Luckily, manufacturers usually tell you to buy trampoline with enclosure together with the initial package.

These enclosure nets can help lessen the safety concerns associated with a trampoline. It can catch riders who accidentally “fly” off the mat. Children, most especially, get the worst injuries. Having a safety enclosure becomes a safety barrier that prevents that from happening. It catches anyone who is bound to fall and pushes them back to the trampoline mat in a gentle way.

More protection, less worry       

A common reason for injuries is when people join others who are already in the trampoline. The equipment can only do so much. Even a plane requires a certain capacity level.

Overloading usually happens when smaller kids climb on while the big ones continue to jump. Adults usually assume their children aren’t that heavy because they are smaller. So, because the trampoline manufacturers do not want little kids to go to the hospital for booboos and their first embarrassing experience, they have created a net. It provides a barrier with one area of entry.

Because trampoline frames and springs are made of metal. Brushing against it might cause wounds. So aside from service as a police guard, enclosure nets protect heads and other body parts from hitting the hardware of the trampoline frame. Nets make sure that children (or even adults) do not brush their elbows or what not on a random piece of hardware when they land on their feet. Otherwise, that could be a traumatic experience.

Having the safety net is a practical way to feel a bit safer to have kids or guests on the trampolines. It is a great solution for common safety concerns associated with the device. So, the next time you plan to have a little family fun in your backyard, consider completing your trampoline safety criteria and buy trampoline with enclosure.

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