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Four Important Things To Remember When Buying Trampoline Pads

Trampolines provide great amounts of fun and exercise for users, but continuous use and heavy jumping can really take a toll on its parts. All trampoline parts will incur some damage with regular use: frames can get bent, net enclosures can get torn or frayed, and the springs can stretch or become rusty. Among all these parts, however, trampoline pads tend to get the most damage — after all, these do receive the bulk of the weight and force of jumpers.

All trampoline users will eventually need to buy replacement pads for their equipment. To help make the purchase easier and to ensure the quality of the replacement pad to be purchased, here are the four essential qualities that buyers must check first before purchasing a new pad to replace an old and damaged one:

1)      Size. Trampolines come in different sizes, and each one comes with a specific size pad as well. It goes without saying that pads in the wrong size should not be used as this can compromise safety: a small trampoline pad will be too stretched and is thus prone to breakage while a large trampoline pad may be too loose, causing jumpers to hit the ground underneath. Make sure to measure your pad correctly; take the diameter of the trampoline at several points to ensure accuracy of measurements.

 2)      Springs. As with the size of the pad, the size of the springs is also important. Longer springs may cause the trampoline to feel loose while shorter ones will pull the trampoline tighter. To get the right dimensions, make sure to include the hooked ends when measuring the springs. In addition, count the number of springs needed before purchase to prevent additional trips to the store.

 3)      Material. There are various materials used for replacement trampoline pads such as polyethylene and PVC. Polyethylene replacement pads are quite abundant in stores and popular among buyers because these are rather inexpensive. However, it’s important to note that this material is not as strong as PVC. It may degrade faster over time and there is greater risk of breakage during use. To ensure safety of users, it’s best to spend a little bit extra and invest in durable PVC replacement pads.

 4)      Warranty terms. Providers of the best trampoline parts should offer a guarantee on their products, so make sure to inquire about these first. Ask for guidelines on purchase and return of products (especially if you’re buying through an online store) as well as follow-up service in case you encounter problems with your purchase.

What Experts Say About Springless Trampolines

Most parents are apprehensive about letting their children get on a trampoline. The thought of rushing to the hospital because of a bad fall comes in mind right away. There is also a ringing sound of a painful cry when a little one’s finger gets bitten by the springs. For most parents, a trampoline is a danger zone like a cliff or a sink hole. There are many potential risks that come in their mind when they see a trampoline. However, trampolines don’t have to be that scary really. Children will cry if they aren’t allowed in it, so it is better to think of an alternative than dismiss interest with strict and sometimes neurotic manifestations of fear. There are a lot of safety measures as recommended by a trampoline manufacturer. This includes getting trampoline frame pads to avoid fingers and toes from being pinched by the springs.

Since trampolines with springs are often the culprits of tiny fingers and toes getting pinched, springless trampolines were invented. These are the modern day trampolines. They are made with wide elastic bands instead of springs but still produce the same bounce as the traditional ones. They are also safer to use than spring trampolines. Most injuries are caused by having too many people on the trampoline. They bump each other and end up falling on the frame.

The tricky part about springless trampolines is how the bands are installed in. If it is too loose, a jumper will not be able to bounce on the trampoline. The mat will be saggy and resemble a tarpaulin laid out on a frame. If it is too tight, it won’t be bouncy enough to be considered a trampoline. The bands should be installed the right way to give the trampoline mat enough room to be bouncy enough to be jumped on. Continue reading

Creating Fun Trampoline Memories with the Family

Trampolines are absolutely the best things to have if you want to have a fun-filled afternoon. Nonstop laughter and giggles all through the day are definitely the best things in the world.  A lot of memories are made with having fun and happiness in mind. The best kind of fun are the ones that you know nothing can go wrong and no one can get hurt. That’s why when getting a trampoline, always have some trampoline frame pads to make sure no one gets a booboo.

Fun memories on the trampoline are not the planned ones. They are usually the ones that happen spontaneously. Like they just suddenly happen. Fun memories are the ones you would love to share your kids someday and let them know you have a silly side too. These memories are the ones you share with the people you love. You experience funny experiences together. Some even embarrassing for a few but hey, if it’s fun, carry on.

One funny memory is when someone can’t jump on the trampoline and ends up rolling all over the place. Or that one time when you attempted to do a split in the air but ended up ripping your trousers? Now wouldn’t that make anyone laugh out loud? That’s definitely a story that’s going to be retold over and over again during family reunions. Yes, again, they can be quite embarrassing but these are the moments that will be treasured forever. Continue reading

Always on the Safe Side

Get this; Jumping is a proven healthy way to shed of calories. It is a good exercise for adults who want to make exercising a recreation.

However sometimes, users do not think about the hazards of being on a trampoline. They neglect the use of having cheap trampoline pads. These are very important especially when petite women and men are riding. This can keep fingers or toes from getting pinched by the springs.

So before letting anyone get on the trampoline, here are a few things everyone should keep in mind.

Do not allow multiple jumpers at a time. So it is best to always supervise whoever is riding. If the people on are too heavy, this will cause the mat to rip or the frame to break apart.

It is best to not have a ladder near the trampoline. This will become an easy access for little children to go up when no one is watching them.

Always have safety nets in order for the device to catch those who are about to fall. Just make sure it is properly installed to avoid mishaps.

If you do not have a professional trampoline, do not let anyone do somersaults. These stunts should only be made in a gym where a professional coach can teach and watch over.

If anyone has physical limitations, do not push them. People with heart conditions or have difficulty breathing should stay away from “rebounding” or exercises done on a trampoline. If they really want to, they should only do it for a short period. Too much excitement might result into something critical.

Remember that back flips, somersaults or other stunts are only for professionals.

Do not wear jewellery when jumping on a trampoline. It is best to remove everything sharp from your body. This might risk ripping or tearing the mat and you don’t really need to be all glamoured-up when you are doing a workout or playing with your kids.

Make sure that the trampoline’s structure is properly assembled. Having them badly made is the most common cause of injuries. You don’t want to see your trampoline fall down along with the jumper.

Safety measures are there to keep everyone safe. Before anyone gets harmed, get all the safety gears you need including cheap trampoline pads. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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The Best Kind of Trampoline Fun Should be Safe

Having a trampoline is a big responsibility as it is a big investment. You just can’t leave it out for so long without maintenance. Even if the manufacturer guarantees that it is durable and strong, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to replace a part or two. A trampoline tarp replacement is one of the first things you will need to take care of. Don’t worry; you won’t change the mat every other month. You will only need to do it when you see a rip or a tear.

Having a trampoline in your backyard is a serious decision because it can be a great activity area for a family. For mums, it can be a personal gym to do workouts. Jumping is a great way to bounce off the weight issues and start living healthy.  For kids, it can be a playground where awesome tricks are born (with mom or dad’s supervision of course!). There are a lot of things you can do on the trampoline. Even a group of friends can play games on it over a grill party.

To make sure you get the maximum benefits of having a trampoline, the best thing to do is make it safe. Be sure to check if the tarps are in place. Nothing beats a sure fire safe fun while doing some exercise. Besides, you don’t want a rip while working out and think your weight has caused the damage. That could be detrimental to your self-esteem.

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your trampoline safe.  One is to always have a safety enclosure around it. These are nets that are flexible yet durable and they do not look like a fisherman’s net.

Before you can put up a trampoline, make sure the surroundings are almost bare or at least have little vegetation below the equipment. This will avoid forming erosion. Also, make sure there are no branches that overhang the trampoline as they might fall and tear your mat.

These are just the little things you can do to avoid booboos, ouches or being humiliated for trying out something that was supposed to start the party cracking. A trampoline can be a lot of fun but it won’t hurt if you are extra careful. So do the necessary check up and if you see a rip, find a trampoline tarp replacement immediately.

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