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Four Important Things To Remember When Buying Trampoline Pads

Trampolines provide great amounts of fun and exercise for users, but continuous use and heavy jumping can really take a toll on its parts. All trampoline parts will incur some damage with regular use: frames can get bent, net enclosures can get torn or frayed, and the springs can stretch or become rusty. Among all these parts, however, trampoline pads tend to get the most damage — after all, these do receive the bulk of the weight and force of jumpers.

All trampoline users will eventually need to buy replacement pads for their equipment. To help make the purchase easier and to ensure the quality of the replacement pad to be purchased, here are the four essential qualities that buyers must check first before purchasing a new pad to replace an old and damaged one:

1)      Size. Trampolines come in different sizes, and each one comes with a specific size pad as well. It goes without saying that pads in the wrong size should not be used as this can compromise safety: a small trampoline pad will be too stretched and is thus prone to breakage while a large trampoline pad may be too loose, causing jumpers to hit the ground underneath. Make sure to measure your pad correctly; take the diameter of the trampoline at several points to ensure accuracy of measurements.

 2)      Springs. As with the size of the pad, the size of the springs is also important. Longer springs may cause the trampoline to feel loose while shorter ones will pull the trampoline tighter. To get the right dimensions, make sure to include the hooked ends when measuring the springs. In addition, count the number of springs needed before purchase to prevent additional trips to the store.

 3)      Material. There are various materials used for replacement trampoline pads such as polyethylene and PVC. Polyethylene replacement pads are quite abundant in stores and popular among buyers because these are rather inexpensive. However, it’s important to note that this material is not as strong as PVC. It may degrade faster over time and there is greater risk of breakage during use. To ensure safety of users, it’s best to spend a little bit extra and invest in durable PVC replacement pads.

 4)      Warranty terms. Providers of the best trampoline parts should offer a guarantee on their products, so make sure to inquire about these first. Ask for guidelines on purchase and return of products (especially if you’re buying through an online store) as well as follow-up service in case you encounter problems with your purchase.