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Four Strict Rules You Can jump on a Trampoline Safely

Exercise is known to be an effective way of losing weight and create endorphins. There are many kinds of exercises. There are dancing classes or martial arts inspired ones too. Another great exercise is jumping on a trampoline. It is not as intense running or dancing for an hour but it has the same benefits. However, like any kind of fun or exercise, there are limits and restrictions everyone has to follow even if there are trampoline nets only.

Here are a few rules before you or anyone can jump on the trampoline:

No. 1 You cannot jump on a trampoline if you are drunk.

Well, you can but you may not. When you are intoxicated with alcohol, you are not in perfect control of your actions. You get to be a bit crazy and disoriented. There was one time when a drunken guy jumped on a trampoline and he accidentally landed where his feet went in the holes between the springs. Let’s just say his crotch wasn’t the same ever again. But that sure made him sober in just a minute.

No. 2 You cannot jump on a trampoline if you are pregnant.

For obvious reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to do anything strenuous especially jumping. This also includes riding roller coasters in amusement parks, bungee jumping, scuba diving and sky diving. Lifting objects are not allowed as well. When a woman is pregnant, she should be relaxed and not put into so much work. That will affect the health of the child in her stomach.

No. 3 You cannot jump on a trampoline when you’ve had too much to eat.

When you’re full, the best thing you should do is to walk it off and not jump on a trampoline. Well you can do that and have an ant peristalsis situation going in on the trampoline. That will also cause you an appendix ruptured. That is one kind of pain you do not want to feel ever in your life. So, just relax a little after lunch. The trampoline won’t run off, promise!

No. 4 You cannot jump on a trampoline if you’ve had too much milk.

Milk needs to sit in your stomach a bit before you do big movements. It’s just like you’re mixing something in a bowl vigorously and then spills come all over the place. The regurgitation won’t be a pleasing sight!

Trampolines are a great kind of fun however they is not for everyone in specific situations. Even if it is safety-proofed with trampoline nets only, it is still not for the people who are drunk, pregnant or stuffed.

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Be Your Own Safety Net

 Having fun while staying safe is always the best way to go. However, most people do not prioritize their safety. Instead, they just focus on fun. When riding trampolines, the former should be thought of all the time. Trampoline nets only are simple structures but it will save lives especially for the little ones.

Read these following tips to make sure you as well as your loved ones are safe when having fun on your trampoline.

Always read the manual. Follow the instructions on how to assemble your trampoline. There is no point in doing shortcuts. Read all about the maximum weight limits and how to properly assemble the frame. If they are not done right, someone is bound to get injured.

Pad and Put it Low. Make sure the poles that hold up the trampoline are padded to avoid getting heads bumped around. If possible, the surroundings of the trampoline should be padded as well in case of accidental falls. You can also make it closer to the ground. Higher falls means bigger risk of a fatal injury.

Off-limits to the Young Ones. Kids younger than 6 years old should not be allowed to get on a trampoline for obvious reasobs. Remove the ladder so that the little ones will not be able to have access to climb up.

One-at-a -time Rule. To make sure everyone is safe, only one child or adult should be allowed to get on a trampoline. This avoids having kids getting tossed around. When two people or more are jumping together, the timing gets thrown off. This will make them reach higher than expected and make one or two panic, leading to unwanted accidents.

Supervise, Supervise, And Supervise! No matter who is on the trampoline, make sure someone is watching over them. Never allow anyone to do somersaults, flips or other stunts on their own. These are things that should be done in a professional environment with professionals around. These should also be done only with proper safety gears like harnesses and helmets.

There is definitely nothing wrong in being safe when having fun. All injuries can be avoided if safety precautions are followed. Trampoline nets only are a great addition to a trampoline set. Remember to always stay safe even if it means you are being a buzz kill.

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How to Choose the Best Trampolines for Your Gym

Trampolines are a great way to have some exercise and have some fun. However they can be quite dangerous as falls are bound to happen. The best way to avoid this is to have a safe trampoline net. That is just one of the things you can do to avoid accidents. So before getting a trampoline for your gym, read on and take note of these safety precautions.

Check for Quality Control

When getting a trampoline for the gym, check the frame if they are made with sturdy metal. Use ones that are made with hi-tensile metal like premier trampoline frames. Check the welds in between on each attached piece. They should be strong and smooth like a baby’s bum, for the lack of more familiar comparison. Poor welds are rough and they can cut through skin. If they are rough, they will not be as strong, so you should go find a better one.

Also check how pipes are cut. They should be straight and no rough edges. If they are handled wrongly, you can get wounded or worse, get the tetanus virus. There should be no metal shavings dangling from the pipes. These clearly indicate poor quality control.

Strong Frame

                A strong frame can be determined if all the joints fit together. They should be snug but not too tight. Find a trampoline that doesn’t have round joints as they are not too sturdy. Choose one that has square joints. They should be kept together by some screw and bolts.

Safety Pads and springs

                Make sure your springs are covered by a safety pad. The best kind is the one that is UV-treated and is double stitched. This will ensure that it does not get ripped easily even when exposed to erratic weather. This will also keep tiny fingers from getting pinched. If you have an option, you should choose the ones that have wide elastic bands instead of springs. Just check if they are securely fastened to avoid falls and other unfortunate events.

Catch Me if You Can!

                Having a trampoline net can be a great help. You don’t have to worry about falling on the ground and hitting something hard. These nets are flexible yet strong at the same time if you purchase from a reliable dealer. This should be properly installed for it to work its magic. They are usually included in the set and are easy to install.

These are just a few ways on how to make sure you have the best trampoline for the gym. Always ensure the safety of the bouncers and everything will be fine. There is no harm in being a bit more penchant especially when it comes to avoiding critical injuries.