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Four Things That Shouldn’t Go in Your Trampoline

Part of taking care of your trampoline is making sure that there aren’t any debris on the mat. If there is too much pressure on it, the chances are you will wake up to a torn trampoline mat. That’s why that cleaning it up is a must especially when the leaves are falling and the rain is pouring.

Here are four things that you should remove from your trampoline:


Sure, a few leaves is okay but when it starts to pile, you better have a broom ready for some sweeping.


Water weighs your trampoline mat down. It can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If it’s the rainy season, it is best if you disassemble your trampoline and keep it in your house for safekeeping. If you can’t, drain it out before the birds think it’s a bath for them. Continue reading

Why You Need An Anchor Kit for Your Trampoline

Recently, winds have been strong and very harsh. You see leaves fall off from trees or even the trees being uprooted from the ground. It can be very scary and dangerous. That is why it is important to find tools that can help households stay on ground. This includes your well-loved backyard trampoline.

When Mother Earth decides to be pour on her wrath, she goes all out. Having anchor kits for your trampoline will greatly help.

Here’s what they look like:

Someone should get this trampoline down or else…

Continue reading

Three Trampoline Fails and What You Need to Know About Them

Jumping on a trampoline is fun and even a good workout. However, it can also be the place where most failures in life happen. Check out these people who are obviously not having a good day. Any advice for them?

1. I don’t think your head should be there.

This may seem funny but to be safe, always check your trampoline mat before getting on it. If you see a rip, don’t allow anyone to jump in. It may get bigger and even cause fatal injuries. Continue reading

Trampolines for the Little Ones

Summer is just around the corner and as a parent, you might be looking for fun activities for your child. There are a lot of things you can do with your child over the summer. Every parent wants their child to enjoy each break by doing fun but still educational activities. Some parents enroll their daughters to ballet school while the little boys play some sport like soccer or basketball. There are also some parents who like to do things at home like jumping on what their child calls My First Trampoline.

However, parents are worried about the safety hazards a trampoline may need but they still want their kids to enjoy. No parent wants to be a buzz kill. In order for a child and a parent to still have fun while playing on a trampoline, safety precautions should always be met.

First, the trampoline should be placed on sturdy ground and nothing should be near it except for safety landing pads. Trampoline manufacturers also sell enclosures or nets to prevent children or even adults from falling off the jumping device. Make sure to install it correctly to get maximum use from it. Also have safety pads to cover the springs to avoid getting little fingers and toes from getting caught. They will really hurt because springs are made from a high grade metal. Injuries will be at bay if all these are met. They are worst than a paranoid parent. Continue reading

How to Assemble Trampoline in your Gym

Fitness is just like fashion. There are trends like the heartbeat pumping Zumba or the strengthening tae-bo. Everyone in the gym always looks for something new to do as doing the usual running and lifting weights combo can be quite boring and routinely. Jumping on a trampoline with a complete set of trampoline parts is a good alternative and something everyone will enjoy. That is why, it is a plus if you assemble a trampoline at your gym.

Trampolines are fairly easy to assemble as long as you have all the parts with you. Usually, the manufacturer provides the instructions on a video in their website and they also have a manual together with the product. Remember to follow each step to avoid confusion. Assembling the trampoline wrong will pose a lot of danger to anyone including you. Here are the easy ways to assemble a trampoline at your gym.

Settle Down

Lay all the parts from the box. Cross check if you have everything you need. The instruction manual has all the pictures and labels of all the parts you will need to assemble the entire piece. It is like laying out all the pieces of a puzzle, only the parts are three-dimensional.

Connect, connect, and connect!

Put the frame together. It should form the shape of the image of the trampoline you have usually on the box. If you bought a square one but ended up with a round frame, you might want to do the frame again. Make sure everything is connected properly. If they don’t, they will bend and break when someone hops on it. So get it right and put them together with utmost care.

Spring Fun

Lay down your mat in the middle of the frame. Put springs on the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 position of the clock. Once you’re done, start with one of the primarily attached springs then count to four. Put another spring in. Do so until you’ve done the entire trampoline. There will be three that are left without springs. Start with the ones in the middle. With a partner, try to push in the trampoline frame towards the centre. You have to do it with someone at the same time in opposite positions. This will help in the tension and pressure of the trampoline. After that, you can put the rest of the springs. Et voila, you have a trampoline!

Trampolines are very easy to assemble as long as you have patience and perseverance. There are no shortcuts in doing this as long as no trampoline parts are missing and instructions are followed well. Once you have a trampoline in the gym, you are sure to have everyone excited and become more inspired to train. Above all, you’ll have fun, too. Just make sure you purchase the correct trampoline. Check our main website for more trampoline choices.