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Five Habits Active People Have and Do

Having healthy habits can be quite hard to have and even more difficult to hold on to. Most of time, we would all prefer to stay in front of the TV to catch the latest episode of Suits or some cheesy reality show. Who could say no to pizza to go with that fun TV show marathon? It’s way easier than having to prepare a well-balanced meal.

Choosing the unhealthy, easy option always trumps over the healthy-takes-a-lot-of-time prepare meal. However, that isn’t always good. You’ll end up suffering serious illnesses later on in life. That’s not what you want. You may have wondered how the ultra fit men and women do it. Here’s how:

Get your body moving.

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Having a sedentary lifestyle only makes you lazier and has poor health. It may not seem immediate but it will affect you later on. Healthy people are always on the move. May it be on a bike or even on their backyard trampoline? They just keep on moving!


Get a good amount of sleep.


When you don’t have the ample amount of sleep every night, you are more likely to be sluggish during the day. Also, it can be a reason why you would get sick easily and in some cases, even have cardiovascular diseases. Having seven to eight hours of sleep is the way to go. It improves your mood and stabilizes your hormones.

Stretching before bed.

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It is proven that doing yoga or simple stretches before bed helps reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a good way to wind down after a busy day. Engaging in calming activities such as this helps you get a good amount of sleep. Yoga can help increase your energy level and even have a stronger immune system. Continue reading

How to Get Your Kids to Calm Down

Kids are little balls of energy. They have an envious amount of power that’s very hard to keep up with. They can play all day and won’t fall asleep until all the lights are off. Some parents may have a hard time catching their breaths while trying to keep the kids calm down. Fortunately, there are cheats and tricks on how you can get your little ones to stay put or even take an afternoon nap!

Here are some tips for mums and dads who have very active children.

1. Baby Yoga.

Yoga can help anyone calm down, even you. Take your kids to a yoga class for them. They can learn how to be still and waste some of their over-packed energy. It’s a great way for them to socialize too!

2. Give them a massage.

Touch is very important for young children, especially babies and toddlers. Massaging their temples and rubbing their shoulders can help them calm down quickly.

3. Let them spend a good half hour on the trampoline.

Since they have all their energy pent up inside, why not put it to good use? Trampolines are great toys to put their energy in. Its versatility is for everyone in the family. The kids can use it to learn how to balance better and be fit while playing. Everyone can join and have fun too!

Trying to calm your kids down will not be an easy feat. But hey, they need to get some rest too! These require a lot of patience and tons of strict rule imposing. Once they get a hang of your routine, it will be easy breezy for you.

Sharing Warmth During the Cold Season

Ahh! The cold is within every Australian’s midst. The sandals are kept and the boots are out to play. It can be quite a struggle to keep warm during the coldest time of the year. Everyone bundles up in layers of clothing and try to stay indoors for warmth. However, it isn’t only humans and pets that need to be bundled up during the cold months. Trampolines to keep warm too especially for those in the highlands of Victoria and New South Wales where there’s snow to deal with.

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Taking Care of Trampolines During a Celebration

There are more than one holidays in a year that let people have some fireworks blasted off to the sky. However, not all homeowners know that the best outdoor trampoline is not strong enough to withstand damages from the sparks. Unfortunately, they cause holes on the trampoline mat and it will not be safe to use anymore. They will need to be replaced as soon as you plan on jumping on it.

To make sure that your trampoline mat is safe during the festivities, cover it with an old tarp, sheeting or even a real trampoline cover. Covers protect the trampoline mat from the hot tiny balls that fall from the sky. They are easy to put on and remove. They are also handy to put on the trampoline out of bounds for health and safety should you be away.

If you live in area where the snow falls during winter, keep an eye on your outdoor trampoline. When the snow gets accumulated on top of it, there is a tendency for it to be heavy and may cause the mat to rip apart. The best way to take them off is by sweeping them with a broom. Using a shovel might only cause damage to the mat like scratches or possibly even a tear.  You don’t want to have a broken trampoline when the holiday ends. Continue reading

Kinds of Trampoline Shapes and Sizes

Since the day the trampoline was invented, there has been some kind of an evolution to its size. From big ones like those that are used in acrobatic acts to the small ones that are now commonly called as the best rebounder trampoline. Aside from size, these differ from its function as well. Some are used for entertainment like the exhibitionists’ acts in the circus while some are used for athletic training. Some are also used as cardiovascular exercise equipment. But no matter what size or what it is for, a trampoline is surely a great place to have fun on.

However, some people are particular on what kind they should use and often times they do not have a clue which one to get. Here are a few ideas to get to know more about trampolines.

Rebounder Trampolines. These are the smaller ones and are commonly used for exercise. They are circular in shape and are only intended to be used by one person at a time. Some manufacturers make a square shape with only 40 inches square. There are a lot of exercise ideas to do with this kind of size. You can read in our other posts for that.

Round Trampolines. The smallest of trampolines used for entertainment is typically round shaped. The common ones are at around eight feet in diameter and is a good choice if you have children with you. For bigger children and adults, a larger sized one is more appropriate. A round trampoline can be as wide as 16 feet in diameter. There are various sizes in-between. Continue reading