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Five Successful Trampoline Activities for Children with Autism

Understanding autism is one thing not everyone can do. It requires a lot of patience and research to fully know what it is and how to deal with it. Fortunately, experts have been sharing information to other people on how to deal with children with autism. One thing they suggests that parents can do to help their children is to develop their gross motor skills by having a 12 feet trampoline at home.

Read on to know the five trampoline activities every parent can do with their child right in their own backyard.

1. Simon Says – this game can be a great way for special children to learn how to follow instructions at the same time veer away from anxiety. This can also help them calm down and organize their behaviour and avoid tantrums.

2. Name that Picture – draw pictures that can let them create a sentence or even a story. Let them hop on a picture. This will practice their creativity skills and have a bouncing good fun as well.

3. Start and Stop – This is a simple game everyone can join in. When the parent says the word “start” everyone will jump and bounce on the trampoline. When the word stop is said, everyone should stop. This can help in social situations when they need to listen and follow instructions.

4. Clap and Count – This is another simple game parents can play with their children. They can count or clap the number of times they have bounced on the trampoline. This encourages everyone to have a fun interaction with each other.

5. Dance Party – A simple dance party on the trampoline. Put on some funky music they like and let them go crazy. This will make their laughter be loud as they possibly can and just let them be silly like how children are supposed to be. This is one great activity a parent can join too. Once the party is done, the child will feel exhausted and calm giving the parents no problem for sleepy time.

Those are a few things every family with child of special needs can do on a 12 feet trampoline. No need to rush out to the park and jump for an hour. This way, both parent and child can learn from one another. Parents will be more understanding on what condition their child is in and the child can also learn how to control.

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Greeting Spring with Trampolines Has Never Been This Fun Especially When You Need to Jump

Alas, spring is back! Flowers begin to bloom and everyone is out and about. Of course, the sun is shining oh-so-brightly! People are happier during the spring time because of better serotonin levels a.k.a. they are more exposed to the sun. Definitely more reasons to love this season. More colors, more smiles.

Since spring is everyone’s favourite, giving this fun season a welcome party is must. What better way than to do backyard trampoline? See how people are enjoying the beautiful weather in theirs.

Ahh.. to be young and worry-free! These kids know how to welcome spring and its sunshine-y glory!

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These Might Be The Most Helpful Toys for Your Kids Ever

Parents and educators are constantly looking for toys that help stimulate brain activity for their kids. They can play and learn at the same time. Some toys help in developing longer attention spans while there are also those that reinforce their creativity.

Here are some toys that are not only fun to play with but can also help in developing your children’s minds and bodies.

1. Intelliglobe

This is perfect for kids who enjoy travelling and seeing the world. It allows them to learn more about different countries. They’ll know about landmarks all over the world as well as flags and their food. Even adults love this toy!

2. Lego

These little things are one of the most popular toys in the world since they were first made. They are great tools to help in creativity. Anything can be made by them. There are even conventions for Lego lovers and amusement parks for both children and adults! Continue reading