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Five Safety Places to Put Your Trampoline

When buying a trampoline, knowing how to assemble is not enough. You should also know where to put it. It is also good to know that trampolines aren’t exactly safest thing on the planet. There is a reason why it’s usually describes as fun with excitement in tow. That is why playing on a trampoline requires maximum supervision from adults especially when children are on.

As an owner, caring for your trampoline is very important. The “very” couldn’t be stressed more. So, the more this adventure popping device is cared for, the safer it is to use especially to those who have hyperactive children who love jumping up and down. Having a trampoline weather cover will prolong its life but also make sure that all parts are okay and safe to use. Continue reading

Four Basic Safety Tips for Trampoline Buyers

Trampolines can easily be considered a jack of all trades. They can be used for fun and for fitness. They are available in toy stores or any DIY store there is around the world. They come with accessories like trampoline protective cover and even basketball rings specifically made for them.

Before buying one, though, you as homeowners should stop and think if a trampoline is suitable to your home’s landscape. Not all gardens are made to be put a trampoline in. It’s always better to consider all safety precautions before heading out to the store and getting one. Even how tempting it may get.

Before buying a trampoline for your backyard, here are some precautions you need to know.

1. Buy a model that has safety pads that completely cover the springs and the frame. Make sure the colour is contrasting to the mat so that it is easily seen. Safety netting is also important. This will reduce the risk of someone falling off the trampoline. Lastly, make sure that it is approved by a body that concerns safety. Continue reading

Jump to Welcome the Sun

In just a few weeks, winter will be over. More sun, less cold. Just about time right? No one in Australia ever enjoys wearing three layers of clothing. Its never true that “the cold never bothered me anyway”. Everyone loves their shorts and shirts. Well who doesn’t? The heat can be brutal but it is well-loved by Aussies. So why not send the cold a going-away party?

First, you have to plan it all out. You can’t have a party without some planning. You can have a theme or just a normal let’s-eat-and-chat kind. To add excitement, why not take of your trampoline cover and use it as everyone’s playground? Continue reading

Tricks for Confidence

Some kids are afraid to fall even on a trampoline. Yep, some kids are just like adults with all those irrational fears flying in and out. When it comes to playing, children who fear heights just want to jump around, chase everyone and even tease in defence of their lack of “balls”. Now, that’s just missing a lot of fun!

Teaching children who fear heights might just do the trick and save them from being called a scaredy-cat. A few techniques will boost their confidence and their courage with a trampoline especially one with trampoline shade cover that covers extra safety products not only against accidents but also against heat.

Seat Drop – This is a trick comes naturally with kids. All they have to do is jump for a few times then land on their tiny bums. As they bounce, they can push themselves with their hands then land on their feet again.

Back Drop – This is similar to the seat drop but the difference is to fall on their entire backs. This is actually a natural move for children because it is just what they do when playing on mum and dad’s bed. They only need to be careful not to fall on the rear ends. That will hurt for sure.

Somersaults – Sounds familiar? This is a little difficult for little kids but for bigger ones, this is easy. To be safe, let them try it with a professional coach along. Falling the wrong way will cause really bad injuries to the spine or the head. And that will scare them even more!

Straddle Jump – When doing this trick, children should jump then stretch the legs forward and try to touch their toes with their fingers. Children will have to do it quickly before gravity forces them to land back down on the trampoline. Kids are flexible so doing this will be very easy. Problems are not common in this trick unless they are really that disaster prone.

These are just the few tricks parents can teach their child to do. Of course, it is always a note to remember never to leave them without an adult when doing tricks. Parental supervision is important. Parents should always make sure that all safety measures are met. Having a safety net and safety pads makes this all possible. As the cliché goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

For parents reading, if you want more tricks, you can read up on the internet or watch videos. Tricks will create a challenge for kids and they will eventually forget about their fears. Meanwhile, visit our trampoline site for trampoline shade cover prices.

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