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Safety Tips for Online Shoppers

Today, most buyers do everything online. From clothes to furniture to trampoline covers 12 ft. However, there are also some who are apprehensive to do so. There is always the fear of credit card fraud and the lack of patience to wait for the products to arrive. The latter can’t be avoided but the former can most definitely be.

Here are a few tips for neophyte online shoppers to get rid of the fear of being a victim of credit card fraud and other online shopping mysteries.

Get to Know the Website. Before making your first purchase, find out where their office is located. This is usually found in their “Contact Us” page. Read about their contract and everything to know about them.

Be secure. When you are about to buy your stuff, make sure your browser is on secure mode. The URL should appear like this: “https://”. Notice that there is an “s”. When you see that, it means you are safe in their website. You should also read about the company’s privacy policy. Continue reading

Affordable and Fun Things to Do This Weekend with the Family

There are so many weekends in a year that sometimes, it is hard to decide what to do. Sometimes, the routine of going to the mall and looking for a trampoline cover 12 ft. or just slacking off at home can be habitual. This is especially hard for those who have children. How does one entertain hyperactive children on a mellow Saturday afternoon?

So instead of going to the mall to window shop on additional parts for your trampoline, try checking online and use up the hours of driving to mall to do the things in this list of how you can do make a fun-filled extraordinary weekend.

Go to the beach. Everybody loves feeling the sand between their toes, hearing the waves as they crash to the shore. This will be a great relief from your children playing on their tablets or watching cartoons all day.

Have a picnic. Let your children enjoy the great outdoors even if it’s just in your neighbourhood park. Let them run around and play with other children. Just make sure to keep your eye on them. Continue reading