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How to Keep that Sexy Summer Body

They say the road to being fit is hard but you know what’s harder? Keeping that toned body. Gaining weight is easier than losing it. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to get that spanking body that you want. If that is easy, the world would be filled with fit and toned bodies.

If you’re struggling on keeping the weight down, here are a few tricks and tips you may want to take note of.

Keep moving.

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Even if you have that nice bod you worked so hard for, you still need to keep moving. If you’re not feeling the usual cardio course, jumping on your son’s trampoline is a great alternative. Continue reading

How to Choose a Trampoline

Choosing a trampoline is no easy feat. There are tons available in the market today and having to decide which one can be quite puzzling. Of course, each one looks great at first but as time goes, the quality of the trampoline can be questionable. To know if you made the right choice of choosing which trampoline, here are some important points to remember

Feel the material.

You will know if a trampoline is of good quality when you touch it. A good mat should be thick and the poles should be solid. The net should be woven tightly and should be both rain and sun resistant. Continue reading