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Celebs and Trampolines: We’re All Just Kids After All

Celebrities are people you see as gods and goddesses. But they are really just normal people who live a rather different life. Just like you, they like having fun. They also like trampolines. Take a peek on the normal lives celebrities are living.

1. Kardashian- Jenner Sisters

They may be famous celebrities walking every red carpet in Hollywood. But did you know they like getting down and dirty like normal people? Although youngest sister Kylie ended up in the hospital for hurting her back. Continue reading

What Foxes Really Say

“What did the fox say? Ring ding ding ding di ding di ding… “That song is almost painful to hear these days. It has been played too many times for far too long. However, what doesn’t get old is seeing two playful foxes on a trampoline. These animals aren’t the kind you see on a daily basis, much more on a trampoline.

Everyone should be like these foxes sometimes. They just get on something and not know what will happen to them next. Just like life, sometimes it’s good to try something new and not expect anything from it. A little spontaneity goes a long, long way.