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Trampoline Injuries

Trampolines are one of parents and children’s best friends at home. For parents, trampolines are a way to get some exercise and also promote cognitive as well as the physical development of their child. For children, trampolines are a way to bond with their busy parents and have an experience with their fun side.

Nonetheless, like all sophisticated equipment and appliances at home, trampolines even those top rated trampoline brands are also causes to different kinds of accidents that may lead to injuries. That is why, it is very important for parents as well as children to know the common injuries caused by accidents at home because of a trampoline in order to know how to prevent them.

The common trampoline injuries are fractures and sprains. The less common ones are those that cause paralysis or death. Cuts, strains and spinal damage are also potential injuries. Boys and girls are injured at the same rate.

Let’s talk about critical numbers!

According to the data collected by the American Paediatric Institute, 20% of spinal cord injuries are caused by trampoline usage. Situations like kids trying a different trick or aiming to pull off a stunt but end up falling off the trampoline are the usual suspects for this. In 2006, trampolines caused over 100,000 injuries. More than 4,000 were hospitalized or dead on arrival. Since 1990, there have been six trampoline-related deaths.

So how about investing on safe to be safe?

To avoid these unlikely situations, all safety precautions should be done. Listen up and write these down.

First, always have a safety net installed as well as a safety pad. The net will catch the child when he or she jumps out of bounce. The pad will protect their hands and fingers from the springs.

Second, do not allow multiple jumpers on the trampoline especially if children are hushing about pulling off some tricks while your eyes are not on them. Sure they can be very persuasive, but keep your firm. If they insist, always provide adult supervision or better yet hire a professional. If your child’s day care centre has a trampoline, make sure that a supervisor is in charge of it and check if that one responsible is reliable.

Third, always check if the trampoline parts are well intact and that they are not rusty. The key element here is to be penchant with the equipment the same way you would with the health of your child.

When you plan on buying a trampoline, make sure that you are ready for that responsibility of supervising each jumper. Remember that safety is the main priority. It may look fun to manage some tricks and even more awesome to succeed in that endeavour, but it isn’t worth the epic fail when accidents pull the fun down to a nasty cut. Go to our main products page to see one of the top rated trampoline brands

Five Habits Active People Have and Do

Having healthy habits can be quite hard to have and even more difficult to hold on to. Most of time, we would all prefer to stay in front of the TV to catch the latest episode of Suits or some cheesy reality show. Who could say no to pizza to go with that fun TV show marathon? It’s way easier than having to prepare a well-balanced meal.

Choosing the unhealthy, easy option always trumps over the healthy-takes-a-lot-of-time prepare meal. However, that isn’t always good. You’ll end up suffering serious illnesses later on in life. That’s not what you want. You may have wondered how the ultra fit men and women do it. Here’s how:

Get your body moving.

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Having a sedentary lifestyle only makes you lazier and has poor health. It may not seem immediate but it will affect you later on. Healthy people are always on the move. May it be on a bike or even on their backyard trampoline? They just keep on moving!


Get a good amount of sleep.


When you don’t have the ample amount of sleep every night, you are more likely to be sluggish during the day. Also, it can be a reason why you would get sick easily and in some cases, even have cardiovascular diseases. Having seven to eight hours of sleep is the way to go. It improves your mood and stabilizes your hormones.

Stretching before bed.

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It is proven that doing yoga or simple stretches before bed helps reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a good way to wind down after a busy day. Engaging in calming activities such as this helps you get a good amount of sleep. Yoga can help increase your energy level and even have a stronger immune system. Continue reading