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Fun DIY Projects with Trampolines

Today, doing something yourself is cooler than having to buy it from a store. Putting a lot of effort into one thing makes it a hundred times better. One of the things you can actually do yourself is some trampoline accessories. Here are a few samples that you can do at home.

1. Swimming Noodle Trampoline Spring Safety Pads

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All you have to do is measure how long the springs are, cut them in the center, pop them on the springs. Voila, you have your own spring covers! You’ll never have to worry about tiny fingers getting bit by them again. Continue reading

Five Habits Active People Have and Do

Having healthy habits can be quite hard to have and even more difficult to hold on to. Most of time, we would all prefer to stay in front of the TV to catch the latest episode of Suits or some cheesy reality show. Who could say no to pizza to go with that fun TV show marathon? It’s way easier than having to prepare a well-balanced meal.

Choosing the unhealthy, easy option always trumps over the healthy-takes-a-lot-of-time prepare meal. However, that isn’t always good. You’ll end up suffering serious illnesses later on in life. That’s not what you want. You may have wondered how the ultra fit men and women do it. Here’s how:

Get your body moving.

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Having a sedentary lifestyle only makes you lazier and has poor health. It may not seem immediate but it will affect you later on. Healthy people are always on the move. May it be on a bike or even on their backyard trampoline? They just keep on moving!


Get a good amount of sleep.


When you don’t have the ample amount of sleep every night, you are more likely to be sluggish during the day. Also, it can be a reason why you would get sick easily and in some cases, even have cardiovascular diseases. Having seven to eight hours of sleep is the way to go. It improves your mood and stabilizes your hormones.

Stretching before bed.

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It is proven that doing yoga or simple stretches before bed helps reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a good way to wind down after a busy day. Engaging in calming activities such as this helps you get a good amount of sleep. Yoga can help increase your energy level and even have a stronger immune system. Continue reading

Four Fun Gifts Everyone Wants to Receive

There is no person in this world that doesn’t want to receive a gift. They are symbols of appreciation and gratitude. Kids especially love receiving them and wait for Christmas even if it’s several months away. Sometimes we ran out of ideas when you know someone has everything you can think of. Here’s a list of what everyone wants to receive for any occasion.

Springless Trampoline

Backyard trampolines are made extra fun without springs. You’ll definitely win aunt or uncle of the century if you send one over to your friend or sibling’s house. Continue reading

Cutest Animals on Trampolines

Admit it, nothing brightens up your day than seeing cute animals playing. They have the cutest faces and make the cutest noises. They have this way of getting to you and makes you go “awww”.

This cute little Chihuahua.

This cat with its equally cute companion.

This very happy goat.

This little pig who thinks he needs to lose some weight.

And that’s your weekly dose of cute. 😉

Fun Father’s Day Activities Include Playing on Trampolines

In less than two weeks, Australia will be celebrating Father’s Day. This is one Sunday made for Aussie fathers to be shown thanks and more love. Of course, a celebration is in order. Some families go out to a nice meal while others go to other towns for the weekend. No matter what your family likes to do, this day is best spent with one another.

Here are some fun activities to honour the man of the house:

1. Cook Out.

Food brings everyone together, no matter where you’re from. Aussies love barbies! Father’s Day is the perfect Sunday to bring everyone together for a cook out. The whole family can help out with the preparations and the grilling. It’s best to do during the spring time too!

2. Fishing Trip

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous this year, your family can go on a fishing trip! It’s a great way to bond with one another as you will be stuck in the middle of the sea or a lake. Just kidding! Fishing is a team effort. Once you catch some fish, a total make up for every hour you spent waiting will be work it. Dads love the silence that goes with fishing, too! (Come on, it’s HIS day. Give him what a break.)

3. Go on Your Backyard Trampoline

Some dads prefer to stay home to avoid crowds and massive traffic. They like “staycations”. To celebrate Father’s Day, why not get on your trampoline? It’s a fun way to spend time together. No one can say “no” to jumping! You can even play a game on it. Everything on the trampoline is 10 times more fun.

Father’s Day may be something that was created by a card company but for a good cause. It is the time that fathers should be given the praise and thanks for all their hard work. It’s not easy to be a dad at all, especially if he has to raise rowdy kids like you! Haha! Do something fun this year and your dad will love every minute of family time.