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How to install a Spring Trampoline by Premier Trampolines

Let’s bring this back to review on how you can install your fave round trampoline.

If you are ever unsure of how to install your trampoline, please contact us.  We can talk you through the process over the phone.  We have produced a trampoline installation video  on our website, which only takes 1 minute to watch, but we are sure that it will make life easier.

Our Premier Trampoline come with a very extensive installation manual, sometimes it is easier to watch how it is done.  Enjoy your new spring trampoline Premier Trampolines.


Fun DIY Projects with Trampolines

Today, doing something yourself is cooler than having to buy it from a store. Putting a lot of effort into one thing makes it a hundred times better. One of the things you can actually do yourself is some trampoline accessories. Here are a few samples that you can do at home.

1. Swimming Noodle Trampoline Spring Safety Pads

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All you have to do is measure how long the springs are, cut them in the center, pop them on the springs. Voila, you have your own spring covers! You’ll never have to worry about tiny fingers getting bit by them again. Continue reading

Five Successful Trampoline Activities for Children with Autism

Understanding autism is one thing not everyone can do. It requires a lot of patience and research to fully know what it is and how to deal with it. Fortunately, experts have been sharing information to other people on how to deal with children with autism. One thing they suggests that parents can do to help their children is to develop their gross motor skills by having a 12 feet trampoline at home.

Read on to know the five trampoline activities every parent can do with their child right in their own backyard.

1. Simon Says – this game can be a great way for special children to learn how to follow instructions at the same time veer away from anxiety. This can also help them calm down and organize their behaviour and avoid tantrums.

2. Name that Picture – draw pictures that can let them create a sentence or even a story. Let them hop on a picture. This will practice their creativity skills and have a bouncing good fun as well.

3. Start and Stop – This is a simple game everyone can join in. When the parent says the word “start” everyone will jump and bounce on the trampoline. When the word stop is said, everyone should stop. This can help in social situations when they need to listen and follow instructions.

4. Clap and Count – This is another simple game parents can play with their children. They can count or clap the number of times they have bounced on the trampoline. This encourages everyone to have a fun interaction with each other.

5. Dance Party – A simple dance party on the trampoline. Put on some funky music they like and let them go crazy. This will make their laughter be loud as they possibly can and just let them be silly like how children are supposed to be. This is one great activity a parent can join too. Once the party is done, the child will feel exhausted and calm giving the parents no problem for sleepy time.

Those are a few things every family with child of special needs can do on a 12 feet trampoline. No need to rush out to the park and jump for an hour. This way, both parent and child can learn from one another. Parents will be more understanding on what condition their child is in and the child can also learn how to control.

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The Height of Fun: Choosing From 8 to 12ft Trampoline Sizes

Here’s something you might not have considered: numbers count when it comes to having fun. It may take 10 or more people to throw one memorable party. It may take more than 12 cyclists to make a long, cross-country bike tour enjoyable. It may take only one trampoline to keep family night cooler than hanging out with the cool kids at school. But that one trampoline has to be the right kind to provide the family with hours and years of wicked, acrobatic fun.

Not all trampolines are created equal and so you will find that they come in various sizes. Choosing the right kind of trampoline starts with getting your specifications right on the money. This will mean knowing the carrying capacity of the trampoline, its frame height, and its suitability to your kids. If you are not entirely sure about what size of trampoline you want to get, make sure that the shop you’re buying from has knowledgeable sales people who can guide you as you examine each of the sizes and make proper recommendations.

When the trampoline is going to be strictly used by kids as young as eight to 10 years old, the 8ft. trampoline would be a suitable choice. You could choose to get the oval or round frame, depending on the size of your garden. A round trampoline is generally best for one user at a time because users of different weights might pull one another to the middle of the trampoline. The oval trampoline, on the other hand, is ideal for two users at a time because it offers different jump areas.

When the trampoline is going to be used by teenagers, the 12ft trampoline would be best as it is built to take on more significant weight and it features a higher frame height than the 8ft. trampoline. It’s crucial that you ask the trampoline shop whether or not the 12ft can hold up to significant weight. If you have teenagers who are a bit heftier than the average teen, you may want to look into trampolines that have a bigger load capacity.

If the trampoline is meant to be for everyone, better consider getting the big one like the 15ft oval trampoline. The size and shape will not only allow you to maximise the jumping surface but also save you some pretty good backyard space.

Choosing the right size for your trampoline means perfectly good fun for everyone in the family. Make sure to consider the height, the load capacity, and the shape so that you never have to worry about anyone doing their half twists and tuck jumps and somersaults on an ill-fitting trampoline.

Trampoline Buying Guide: Qualities To Look For In Trampoline Parts

As a consumer, you want to be sure of the products that you buy. You need to know that your money is being invested in items that will serve their purpose for as long as you need them. To ensure this, you need to refer to a list of requirements before finally making your purchase. From necessities to little luxuries, you have a range of considerations to make. These considerations become even weightier when the item in question is going to be used by your entire family — an item like a trampoline.

Trampolines can become an extraordinary investment. They’re not just an opportunity to be briefly airborne. Think about it. You and your spouse could use it to bond with the children. Your children could use it for their birthday parties. The entire family could use it as a fun, exhilarating, and creative way to get fit and shed a few pounds. With these in mind then, you would want to buy a high-quality trampoline — one that is proven to be safe and durable for everyone in your family to use. An ideal way to go about this is to scrutinise the trampoline parts built into the fun contraption.

Trampolines are assembled with the mat, the net, the pad, and the springs, or in the case of springless trampolines, with elastic bands. There are also accessories that you could get such as the ladder (which you should never leave on the trampoline when there are little kids about), weather covers (to keep it durable), and safety parts like the anchor kit (to hold it down securely when it’s windy).

When you’re inspecting the mat, look for heavy duty stitching. You’ll want to get a guarantee from the shop you’re buying from that the mat will hold up to the jumps and tricks your kids might perform on the trampoline. You’ll want to ask how many people the mat can accommodate at one time, how much weight it can take, and the length of time it takes before you need to replace it. Aside from the durability, make sure that the mat is UV-treated and has been tested for quality and safety by a relevant organisation.

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