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How to Keep that Sexy Summer Body

They say the road to being fit is hard but you know what’s harder? Keeping that toned body. Gaining weight is easier than losing it. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to get that spanking body that you want. If that is easy, the world would be filled with fit and toned bodies.

If you’re struggling on keeping the weight down, here are a few tricks and tips you may want to take note of.

Keep moving.

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Even if you have that nice bod you worked so hard for, you still need to keep moving. If you’re not feeling the usual cardio course, jumping on your son’s trampoline is a great alternative. Continue reading

How to Surprise Your Kids with Trampolines

Christmas is every kid’s favourite holiday. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s the time of the year after their birthday they get unlimited number of toys and other fun stuff. They’ll expect the usual robots and cars for boys while the girls get the dolls and the crafty ones.

That can be quite predictable and a good surprise is what everyone is waiting for. How about getting them a trampoline?

Trampolines are great for teaching kids how to have good balance and coordination. You can use it as a yoga mat or just for jumping. Rebounding is as good as running minus the impact on the limbs and joints. Definitely a win-win for everyone in the family. They are safe as long as the safety net is up and there should always be an adult watching the kids while they play.

This is a gift they will not get tired of easily. Even if they do, you can still recycle and make it to a swing bed or even a chicken coop if that’s your thing. Trampolines are really great toys for both the young and old.