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Best Trampoline Poses

For many of us, playing on the trampoline isn’t about exercise. It’s more about pure fun and the photos. So I’ve compiled a few photos of people who are killing it on the trampoline.  Some are done by professional models to which we are mimic. Others are made by people who are just as awesome as we can be.

This model who made her client happy for sure

This boy who took it seriously. Probably a fan of superman.

Finally this cute couple. Who will surely have a long and happy crazy life together.


How to Choose a Trampoline

Choosing a trampoline is no easy feat. There are tons available in the market today and having to decide which one can be quite puzzling. Of course, each one looks great at first but as time goes, the quality of the trampoline can be questionable. To know if you made the right choice of choosing which trampoline, here are some important points to remember

Feel the material.

You will know if a trampoline is of good quality when you touch it. A good mat should be thick and the poles should be solid. The net should be woven tightly and should be both rain and sun resistant. Continue reading

Four Spring Activities for Women

As the temperature goes higher, staying active can be both easier and harder. Not everyone enjoys the hot weather while there are also some who love basking under the sun during the day. Spring weather is the best time to be active as it is either hot or cold. It’s the perfect mix of the two. This is the time most women (and some men) love being active.

Here are four spring activities for every woman.


With just a few weeks away from summer a.k.a. bikini season, staying fit is a must! You don’t need to spend more than an hour to burn those unwanted calories. Rebounding is way better than running since it does not create much impact on joints on the knees and ankles!


Not everyone is a morning person and waiting for lunch is definitely a no-no when you’re famished. Brunch is the perfect time to eat since it’s in the middle of two meals, hence you won’t binge eat because you’re not very hungry! Continue reading

How to Encourage Your Children to be Active

In this day and age, children prefer to be on the couch or in their rooms playing on their tablet or computer. They would rather fight cartoon zombies than go out and run around. In order to find a balance between gadgets and real life play, mum and dads should find something they can play with at the same time, share with their siblings or friends.

Here are some tips for parents whose kids prefer staying indoors more than being active.

1. Choose the right activities.

Finding the right ones is very important. If they aren’t interested, they’ll end up uninterested and bored. Let them try getting on a trampoline. They get to have fun at the same time have a little workout.

2. Give them the time and opportunity to be active.

Take them to playgrounds or if you can, to amusement parks. Tons of stuff to do there for sure. You can also round up a group of parents and kids for a group play date. Continue reading

Three Things Every Home Needs

A house can only be a home when there are people who love one another. It wouldn’t be complete without the things your family has carefully put in it. If you’re moving to a new house, here are some things you will definitely need.

1. A bed.

To rest and lounge in. A bed is a place of solace, where you can find silence and calmness after a long day. Everyone needs that.

2. A trampoline.

For fun and games. We all need a breather and even a little exercise. A trampoline lets you have fun at the same time burn some calories. Continue reading