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These Might Be The Most Helpful Toys for Your Kids Ever

Parents and educators are constantly looking for toys that help stimulate brain activity for their kids. They can play and learn at the same time. Some toys help in developing longer attention spans while there are also those that reinforce their creativity.

Here are some toys that are not only fun to play with but can also help in developing your children’s minds and bodies.

1. Intelliglobe

This is perfect for kids who enjoy travelling and seeing the world. It allows them to learn more about different countries. They’ll know about landmarks all over the world as well as flags and their food. Even adults love this toy!

2. Lego

These little things are one of the most popular toys in the world since they were first made. They are great tools to help in creativity. Anything can be made by them. There are even conventions for Lego lovers and amusement parks for both children and adults! Continue reading

Fun in the Winter Rush

Once the  cold sets in, school for the young ones is out. With a few weeks of nothing on their hands, they are bound to start complaining about being “bored”. No parent ever wants to hear that especially when it comes with some whining. Yes, every parent must come prepared as the real storm comes in:  the kids.

Whenever parents go to a restaurant (or anywhere outside the house) with the kids, they have a bag of tricks and toys. This lets the kids calm down for the first 30 minutes. Come on, everyone gets anxious and fidgety when waiting for the food to arrive. But when they’re home, the bag of tricks may not be enough anymore. It’s time to let out the big guns for awesome fun.

Here are some energy-consuming activities for the kids (and the folks, too):

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Toys for the Small Boys

Next to your parents, kids are the hardest to find a gift for. They want something cool and ones that are hard to find. Every child has a different personality and knowing who they are is vital when it comes to gift buying. No kid ever wants to receive a shirt or a set of hankies for their birthday. They want something they can play with.

Here are some gift ideas for a seven year old boy.

1. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

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Safety Tips Where to Put Your Trampoline

When buying a trampoline, the next question should be: where to put it? A trampoline can be fun and safe when it is in a clear area. You may have assembled all mini trampoline parts right but if you put it in a “danger zone”, you will still miss out on real safety.

If you have no idea where to put your trampoline, here are a few tips that can give you an idea how to make a safety zone at home.

Choose a clear area. Remove hazards like washing lines or poles. Keep it away from a fence or washing lines as well. Having a safe fall zone is good as well. It should be at least 2.5 metres around the trampoline. Keep all other toys like bicycles, skateboards or anything that could be a hazard in case someone falls off the trampoline.

Place the trampoline on a soft energy absorbing ground. Place it in an area at your lawn that has barked wood chips, sand and cushioning material. This is to keep the trampoline in place since they tend to move horizontally when pressure is added. It can also be your safe fall zone.

Never place the trampoline on a hard surface.  Concrete areas and hard packed mud areas are certainly not the best places for trampolines. If ever that you do, make sure that you have a safety net and crash matting around the trampoline. Falling on a hard surface will surely hurt. Continue reading

Basic Safety Trampoline Ideas for Homeowners

For homeowners, having a trampoline is a big responsibility. How do you balance fun and safety without sacrificing one or the other? Well it really is not easy. Even if you have all the accessories for your trampoline like the mini trampoline cover, you still cannot be sure that a bouncer is safe.

If you do not have a trampoline yet, you might want to consider a few things before getting one. Having a trampoline at home requires a lot of attention especially if you have children. Safety experts do not recommend having a trampoline when you have small children. Here are some rules you can have at home to avoid unlikely mishaps when on the trampoline.

Do not allow multiple jumpers at the same time. 75% of injuries occur when there is more than one jumper on the trampoline. If your trampoline comes with a ladder, it is best to keep your eyes on it all the time. It will make it easier for the little ones to climb up without anyone noticing. Continue reading