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Best Trampoline Poses

For many of us, playing on the trampoline isn’t about exercise. It’s more about pure fun and the photos. So I’ve compiled a few photos of people who are killing it on the trampoline.  Some are done by professional models to which we are mimic. Others are made by people who are just as awesome as we can be.

This model who made her client happy for sure

This boy who took it seriously. Probably a fan of superman.

Finally this cute couple. Who will surely have a long and happy crazy life together.


How to Surprise Your Kids with Trampolines

Christmas is every kid’s favourite holiday. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s the time of the year after their birthday they get unlimited number of toys and other fun stuff. They’ll expect the usual robots and cars for boys while the girls get the dolls and the crafty ones.

That can be quite predictable and a good surprise is what everyone is waiting for. How about getting them a trampoline?

Trampolines are great for teaching kids how to have good balance and coordination. You can use it as a yoga mat or just for jumping. Rebounding is as good as running minus the impact on the limbs and joints. Definitely a win-win for everyone in the family. They are safe as long as the safety net is up and there should always be an adult watching the kids while they play.

This is a gift they will not get tired of easily. Even if they do, you can still recycle and make it to a swing bed or even a chicken coop if that’s your thing. Trampolines are really great toys for both the young and old.

Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Christmas is just a few weeks away and starting to buy the presents isn’t a bad idea. Why not start early than having to join the rush when you already have the time and freedom now? Besides, most of the sales start a month before anyway.

When you do your Christmas shopping, starting off with a list is good. Make one with all the names of the people you want to give gifts too. This will make it a quick and easy trip to the mall. Some people opt to go online shopping instead. This way you can send the gift directly to your loved one’s doorstep. Some retailers even offer free gift-wrappings. Isn’t that neat?

If you have zero to little idea what to give your loved ones this Christmas, here are some ideas.


  1. Portable Bluetooth speakers.

    photo by:
    Your eldest son will love playing his favourite EDM tracks without having to plug his smartphone in. You know how kids are constantly on their phone, they just can’t live without it!
  2. Digital point-and-shoot camera.

    Gone are the days people lug big cameras around. It can be such a hassle especially when you travel. This small camera works fine and is easier to use even for the elderly.
  3. Electric Coffee Mug.

    We all know someone who’s constantly on the go. This coffee mug can be plugged in a car and the coffee stays hot throughout the car ride.
  4. Backyard Trampoline.

    It’s the best toy for anyone and everyone at any age. It can be a kid’s jumping mat, mum’s yoga mat and dad’s physical therapy gym. Grandma and grandpa can even use it too. Definitely the best gift a family can receive.
  5. Warm Scarf.

    Everyone needs a scarf for travels and the cold weather that’s arriving a few short months after Christmas. It’s a great accessory too.

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One Thing Your S.O Secretly Loves to Do

Having someone in your life means you get to know them in a certain level not a lot of people do. Part of it is knowing what the secretly do at home. Here are some things your significant other might like but will never admit to.

They still enjoy jumping on the trampoline.

photo by:

It’s a workout that’s less painful than running and it’s just so much fun no matter what age you are. Admit it, you love it too.

Sharing secrets with your S.O. is important. It builds your trust with one another and even make your bond stronger.