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How to Choose a Trampoline

Choosing a trampoline is no easy feat. There are tons available in the market today and having to decide which one can be quite puzzling. Of course, each one looks great at first but as time goes, the quality of the trampoline can be questionable. To know if you made the right choice of choosing which trampoline, here are some important points to remember

Feel the material.

You will know if a trampoline is of good quality when you touch it. A good mat should be thick and the poles should be solid. The net should be woven tightly and should be both rain and sun resistant. Continue reading

Greeting Spring with Trampolines Has Never Been This Fun Especially When You Need to Jump

Alas, spring is back! Flowers begin to bloom and everyone is out and about. Of course, the sun is shining oh-so-brightly! People are happier during the spring time because of better serotonin levels a.k.a. they are more exposed to the sun. Definitely more reasons to love this season. More colors, more smiles.

Since spring is everyone’s favourite, giving this fun season a welcome party is must. What better way than to do backyard trampoline? See how people are enjoying the beautiful weather in theirs.

Ahh.. to be young and worry-free! These kids know how to welcome spring and its sunshine-y glory!

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Fun in the Winter Rush

Once the  cold sets in, school for the young ones is out. With a few weeks of nothing on their hands, they are bound to start complaining about being “bored”. No parent ever wants to hear that especially when it comes with some whining. Yes, every parent must come prepared as the real storm comes in:  the kids.

Whenever parents go to a restaurant (or anywhere outside the house) with the kids, they have a bag of tricks and toys. This lets the kids calm down for the first 30 minutes. Come on, everyone gets anxious and fidgety when waiting for the food to arrive. But when they’re home, the bag of tricks may not be enough anymore. It’s time to let out the big guns for awesome fun.

Here are some energy-consuming activities for the kids (and the folks, too):

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Toys for the Small Boys

Next to your parents, kids are the hardest to find a gift for. They want something cool and ones that are hard to find. Every child has a different personality and knowing who they are is vital when it comes to gift buying. No kid ever wants to receive a shirt or a set of hankies for their birthday. They want something they can play with.

Here are some gift ideas for a seven year old boy.

1. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

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Caring for Your Trampoline

Trampolines are great “toys” and having one in good quality calls for minimal repairs and close to zero maintenance. If they do need the necessary repairs, cheap trampoline parts are easy to come by. However, the key to your trampoline’s long life is good maintenance. It won’t take much of your time. In fact, reading this article will take more of your time than doing it. But just go on read.

To get the best results out of your trampoline, you should check it regularly for any defects that may occur. Inspect the frame, padding, nets and accessories for damage. Do this when your children or your guests want to jump on your trampoline to avoid unwanted injuries. If you find something wrong, do not allow anyone to get on it. It is best to have the damaged part replaced immediately.

Always look out for the springs. The cause of overstretched mat is too much pressure due to one missing or disabled part. If one part of the device is broken, it puts additional pressure to the others and eventually damages them as well. When you use the trampoline and you hear a distinct sound, everyone on the trampoline should get off. That is one sign that one spring is broken. Change the damaged spring as soon as possible to avoid further problems. Continue reading