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Health Benefits Of Trampolines Perth Users Can Enjoy

Many parents often buy trampolines for their families to give their children a fun way to keep themselves fit and preoccupied during summer breaks. It’s generally accepted that trampoline jumping is a good exercise, but how exactly does it promote fitness? Listed below are some of the health benefits of using trampolines Perth users can enjoy:

 Promotes weight loss. Jumping on a trampoline may seem like a simple enough exercise, but it actually requires a lot of energy to power muscles for jumping. Because of this increased energy demand, the body tends to burn more calories during rebound exercise — even more than when you’re jogging, in fact.

Strengthens the heart. The more your body uses up energy during jumping, the greater your heart works to keep energy-rich blood pumping to your muscles. As such, the muscles in your heart grow stronger and more efficient over time. Eventually, it won’t need to beat as fast or as hard to keep up with the demand, resulting in a lower heart rate and less stress on the heart.

Enhances circulation and aids in detoxification. During rebound exercise, blood is continuously circulated throughout the body to supply energy and oxygen to muscles. In addition, the jumping action leads to more contractions of calf muscles, which can help pump blood back to the heart. Muscle contractions also promote the flow of fluid in lymphatic channels, helping drain toxins and other harmful substances that may accumulate in the body.

Relieves stress. Exercise is known to promote the release of endorphins, chemicals that are otherwise known as “feel-good hormones.” In addition to enhancing the release of this substance, exercise also decreases the production of stress hormones such as cortisol. If these aren’t enough to reduce stress, the physical act of jumping is effective at redirecting negative energy and keeping your mind off your problems. Lastly, other health benefits such as weight loss and improved health can boost your confidence and morale for the long term.

Improves balance and coordination. The soft and unstable surface of trampoline pads encourages the use of core muscles which are essential in keeping your balance. Trampoline jumping also helps users learn more about coordinating body movements to maintain an upright position.

Minimises damage to bones and joints. Many common types of exercise such as jogging and running require legs to make forceful contact with hard surfaces, which can result in damage to joints and bones. With trampoline jumping, however, the force of the impact is lessened because the landing surface is more pliable. As such, there is less chance of injury with long-term trampoline jumping than with regular jogging or running.

Sharing Warmth During the Cold Season

Ahh! The cold is within every Australian’s midst. The sandals are kept and the boots are out to play. It can be quite a struggle to keep warm during the coldest time of the year. Everyone bundles up in layers of clothing and try to stay indoors for warmth. However, it isn’t only humans and pets that need to be bundled up during the cold months. Trampolines to keep warm too especially for those in the highlands of Victoria and New South Wales where there’s snow to deal with.

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Cool Trampoline Videos on Vine

Social media has reached higher levels. Years ago, text was the primary way of sharing ideas or events. Now, people have become more visual. They have created different social networks that use videos and photos to make people come together. One of these social networks is Vine. It allows a user to share a six-second video to their followers. A lot of these videos have more than a million views. This includes videos made by people performing tricks on the trampoline.

Here are a few Vine videos that will make your jaw drop.

Now, isn’t that amazing?

Lengthening the Life of Trampolines in Brisbane

Trampolines are a great investment for a family. It is a fitness gym and playground rolled into one. The best thing is that you don’t have to drive and sit in traffic just to get there. All you need to do is take a few steps, end then voila, you’re on an outdoor adventure filled with laughter and fun together with the most important people of your life. However, no matter how tough the trampolines can be as they are able to carry every child in the clan and have them jump in all at ones, these “bad boys” also need some loving. When they are used and abused, trampoline mats get ripped and will definitely need to be replaced.

Replacing the parts of a trampoline can be quite expensive especially when you purchase from a bricks and mortar store. Buying a new one every year is just impractical, in this case. The best way to lengthen the life of your trampoline is to take care of it like you would with your car.

In Brisbane, trampolines are popular and that is why they have tips in maintaining the trampolines Brisbane style.  Here are a few ways on how you can have your trampoline for a longer time.

Tip No. 1

Keep your trampoline in storage during holidays and put UV protection when summer heat comes. The materials of quality trampolines may be made to endure hot and cold weather, but like any other device, it can also complain in extreme weather conditions. Storing in a place with balanced temperature and using UV protection blocks the sun from doing damaged due to the heat.

Also, during festivals when fireworks are expected, it is best to keep your trampoline where it can’t be hit by ashes falling from the sky, or worst, get caught up with the fire. They are too hot and will make holes on your mat and may even burn the device entirely.

Tip No. 2

Clean the springs and trampoline mats a few times in a year. You can use a broom to remove the debris then wash it with some soap and water. Don’t forget to pat the springs dry as leaving them wet for a long time will invite rust and brittles.

Tip No. 3

Keep animals away from the trampoline. There have been a lot of cases where dogs are found on a trampoline mat having the time of their life. That should be a funny and awesome situation when caught on camera. But you can only thank your pets if they behave just like you and do tricks rather than nibble on the pads like most of those creatures do. In case your pets aren’t that trained yet, get your trampolines some safety net that have zipper enclosures to make sure nothing or no one can get in without your permission or simply out of curiosity.

These are just a few tips on how to lengthen the life of your trampoline and make it feel brand new for as long as you are willing to jump in. Keep them in mind and have the time of your life with family in this favourite device. For more tips and a list of trampoline parts replacements, visit out products page.

D.I.Y Methods of Lengthening the Life of Trampolines

Having a trampoline in your backyard is like having a playground of your own. Children will never get tired of jumping around or trying different tricks with it.

It is a great exercise for them and for you as well. This is because you don’t need to go to the gym or take your kids to the park to enjoy. All you have to do is to buy trampolines for sale at your nearest department stores and enjoy while getting exercised.

However, just like how human’s age causes some toll on health, so does time do to the material of trampoline. Even if they won’t have wrinkles, fine lines or saggy skin but their materials rapture and sag and may become unsafe for you and your children.

To avoid accidents caused by an unwell maintained trampoline and to lengthen the life of it, you can do these few tricks and tips.

Tip #1:

Buy trampolines that have safety pads. These should lie over the springs around the edge. This will help avoid the little fingers of your children from getting pinched.

Tip #2:

                Place your trampoline on a flat area, preferably where there is grass or mulch. The area should be big enough for the entire trampoline and there should still be extra space left. Adding 8 to 10 feet around the circumference will also be great.

Tip #3:

                Create a safety area around the trampoline. Trim trees that hang over it. The branches might fall when the winds are strong and it might destroy your trampoline or worse, fall on your child. You can ask a gardener to do it for you before you install your trampoline. Removing rocks and stones near the trampoline would also add to the safety.

                These are just a few ways on how to lengthen the life of your trampoline and secure the safety and fun of your experience. Make it a habit to check on it before letting your children or your guests use.  Be sure to buy trampolines with durable trampoline pads, springs and mats that do not only protect your trampoline but also the people around you who love riding on it.