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How to Keep that Sexy Summer Body

They say the road to being fit is hard but you know what’s harder? Keeping that toned body. Gaining weight is easier than losing it. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to get that spanking body that you want. If that is easy, the world would be filled with fit and toned bodies.

If you’re struggling on keeping the weight down, here are a few tricks and tips you may want to take note of.

Keep moving.

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Even if you have that nice bod you worked so hard for, you still need to keep moving. If you’re not feeling the usual cardio course, jumping on your son’s trampoline is a great alternative. Continue reading

How to Choose a Trampoline

Choosing a trampoline is no easy feat. There are tons available in the market today and having to decide which one can be quite puzzling. Of course, each one looks great at first but as time goes, the quality of the trampoline can be questionable. To know if you made the right choice of choosing which trampoline, here are some important points to remember

Feel the material.

You will know if a trampoline is of good quality when you touch it. A good mat should be thick and the poles should be solid. The net should be woven tightly and should be both rain and sun resistant. Continue reading

How to Care for Trampolines and Make Them Last for Years

Kids of all ages love having outdoor trampolines. They love playing on it and most especially jumping. They are great toys as they provide avenues for exercise too. They help kids have better coordination and balance. It can also be used for mum’s daily workouts. Good quality trampolines can be quite pricey but they’re worth the price since they’ll last you longer. If you care for them properly, they’ll last for many, many years!

Here are a few simple tips on how you can care for your trampoline and get to keep them for a long time.

Washing the mat.

You don’t need to do this every day. You can do it once every few months or when you see it start getting dirty. All you need is a brush, some water and a mild detergent. If you’re planning to store it for winter, make sure the mat is fully dried before packing it in. Continue reading

How to Raise Active Children


Nowadays, children are more inclined on playing video games and surfing the Internet than being outdoors. They prefer scanning various channels on the telly than playing games outside with their neighbours. Although, they are safer inside the house it is still not healthy for them to have sedentary lives early. They have a lot of energy they need to dispose of and sitting on the couch playing Clash of Clans is not the healthiest way to.

Raising active children takes a lot of effort from a parent. Here are some things you can take note of.

Show them that you’re active too. Your kids will copy whatever that you do. Show them an active lifestyle and they’ll follow suit.

Encourage them to try sports. Let them watch a game and see if it interests them. If it does, ask them if they want to join a camp and learn the sport. Yes it can be quite expensive but it will be worth it!

Start early. Start them young they say! Do this while you can still tell them what to do without having a two-day argument about it.

Let them have fun. Make sure what they’re getting into is fun for them too. What is fun for you might not be fun for them. With kids, the fun meter is the only meter that really matters. If you’re into gymnastics, let them try the trampoline first. They’ll get the first feel of jumping then.

It takes a lot of time and discipline in raising active children. It requires full commitment from the parents as well. Getting up before the sun rises is no joke! When they see that you are enthusiastic as well as they are, they will enjoy the sport or activity more!

Two of the Best Ways to Lose Weight

Everyday we have a constant struggle to lose weight. Both men and women have tiny insecurities going on and the only remedy would be shedding of some pounds. While there are tons of diets trending, the classics watching what you eat and taking time to exercise are still the best. Here are some ways on how you can shed off some pounds and look the best in your life.

1. Change your lifestyle.

Cut off alcohol, smoking and sleeping late. These three are killers. Alcohol just kills your liver and kidneys slowly while smoking poisons your lungs. Having minimal sleeping hours affects your overall health – especially your skin! Yikes!

2. Get on the trampoline.

Rebounding is the perfect solution from all your complains of having to run or ride a bike. At least, when you’re on the trampoline, you get to have fun, lose weight and not stress your joints out.

It is the little things that really make you lose a big amount of weight. It may not be as quick as those fancy fad diets but these are the stuff that really works for good! The only challenge is how to maintain the rhythm. Tip from the pros: see what works for you.