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Moving House Tips and Transporting Trampolines

Learning trampoline tricks on a 10 ft trampoline with enclosure is doable. It is even easy for some. If you know how to do simple back flips or somersaults, you can do the more complicated tricks. If you’re planning to be on the next Olympic gymnastics superstar, you are on the right track. However one move you might not want to make is transferring to a new house with a big trampoline in tow.

Changing addresses is just one of the many things not everyone enjoys.  It is a hassle. Merely thinking about the move is already stressful. Much more if you used to live in a big house and then move to a smaller one. Some of your things may need to go to storage; some may need to be thrown out for good. Of course you can still keep your favourites. But what about your children’s trampoline?

Before you decide on what to do, consider how much space you have. If you’re living in a place with a big lawn or backyard, the best way to move your trampoline is to disassemble it before moving, then reassemble it again once you’re settled with everything in your new home. Continue reading

Trampoline Safety Tips for People with Children

Parents often worry about their children getting on a trampoline. Well, their worry is always justifiable. There is always a risk of injury when jumping on a 10 ft trampoline with enclosure. The impact may differ from fall to fall. Muscle strains, sprains and even serious head injuries can result from falling off a trampoline.

It will be difficult to deal with a child begging to have his friends jump on a trampoline all at once when the best response your fear can lead you to do is a big fat no. So give you a little courage, here are some safety tips you can carry for your family.

Always Have Safety Nets and Pads – You can never be too safe when it comes to children. Having this combo will avoid little fingers and toes from getting pinched by the springs and falling off the trampoline. Make the experience memorable and never traumatic.

Be on Level Ground – Make sure the surface your trampoline is at is flat and solid. Never place it on an inclined surface. That’s like having danger on your speed dial. Also, remove or trim the branches that overhang your trampoline if there are trees in your backyard. Continue reading

Best Trampoline Poses

For many of us, playing on the trampoline isn’t about exercise. It’s more about pure fun and the photos. So I’ve compiled a few photos of people who are killing it on the trampoline.  Some are done by professional models to which we are mimic. Others are made by people who are just as awesome as we can be.

This model who made her client happy for sure

This boy who took it seriously. Probably a fan of superman.

Finally this cute couple. Who will surely have a long and happy crazy life together.


How to Keep Your Toddler Active at an Early Age

Having a toddler is fun and exciting. Everyday is a new adventure with your little tot!

Children love to explore different areas in your house like your closet and even your laundry room. They enjoy tinkering with toys and that includes serious stuff mum and dad owns! Keeping them busy is definitely a task for the creative mind. Here are some things you can do to make the little one preoccupied.

Give them puzzles.

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This will not only make them stay put for a while but also tests their brain development. Activities like this help them become more patient and learn to have critical thinking. Later on in life, they will thank you for teaching these skills.

Teach House Chores

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A little sweeping the floor is already a big task for children. Teaching them this will make them feel like adults and they will learn how to keep their mess to a minimum. It’s nothing like child labour, I promise! Continue reading