Beware the 9ft, 11ft and 13ft trampoline

On a daily basis, someone would call our office and ask for a replacement trampoline mat, trampoline safety enclosure or trampoline safety pad for a 9ft, 11ft or 13ft trampoline.  Unfortunately for those people, their trampoline part cannot, in most cases, be replaced.

If you buy a trampoline that is of odd size, usually purchased from toy stores and large department stores, these stores do not stock spare parts.  When your trampoline is out of warranty you will find it very difficult to buy a replacement part from other suppliers.

9ft, 11ft and 13ft trampolines are not a normal size trampoline to stock and are rarely sold, other than when a large department store has a “Massive Sale”.

Your bargain trampoline is turning out to be very expensive.  You will, unfortunatly, need to buy a whole new trampoline.  Before you buy your trampoline, please make sure that your supplier stocks spare parts.

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