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Fun Fitness with Trampolines

Many people outgrow bouncing on trampolines. They think it is just for children or teenagers. Recently, springless trampoline review have been off the charts. Jumping on those bad boys is actually a great physical exercise that will surely get your blood pumping and sweat streaming down your neck. A great thing about is that you can do it at home or in a gym with a few friends. Fitness is always fun when you have company.

According to health experts, jumping on a trampoline is very good even for middle-aged, sedentary women. There is a great improvement in their bodies even if they only have 30 minute workouts every day. It may not be as drastic as doing core kinesis or P90x but it is a lingering change that will surely stick.

Jumping on trampolines also increases the leg strength especially to those who need to walk for hours and hours every day like college students. Similar results have been reported by gymnastic coaches as they have included trampoline work in their trainees exercise. They have suggested that this is good for the heart muscles without feeling too much exertion. It is more pleasurable than running miles and miles especially to those who do not exercise regularly.

Improvements in balance and core strength have been seen on those who regularly jump on a trampoline. Athletes also have better performance when it comes to their sport as they are more balanced and they can easily find their core. Lymphatic drainage and weight loss are also the effects of having a jumping workout.

However, there are also many bad news about having a trampoline-based exercise. Common fitness injuries like sprains, shin splints, fractures and dislocations. There are some cases that damage some soft tissues like bruises and lacerations. This happens when the jumper falls on the non-elastic area of the trampoline.

To avoid these instances, here are a few things every jumper should think about before getting on.

  1. Set the trampoline on a flat, dry area. Make sure it is far from walls with a lot of open space surrounding it. The vibrations caused by the movement can result in the movement of the trampoline.
  2. Ensure that all safety measures are met. Always have a safety enclosure as well as safety pads even if you have springless trampolines. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Even if gymnasts are barefoot when they jump on the trampoline, it is best to wear a pair of shoes with great ankle support to avoid mishaps like sprains.

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Trampolines are Never Neverlands

Having a trampoline is one of the things people write down on their bucket list. A bucket list is a list of things one wants to do before they die. Yes, it’s the Morgan Freeman movie where he does a lot of things he never imagined that he would. It’s classier way of doing “YOLO” or “you only live once” kind of thing. It’s not just for children; it is also for adults who cannot resist having some pure fun 14-foot trampoline enclosure themselves!

If you want to live in the YOLO style, you will still need safety precautions. When jumping on trampolines, the best way to keep it in place is to have a sturdy anchor kit. When bigger people get on, the trampoline will get outbalanced. The anchors will keep the trampoline from flying off when the winds are strong. If you don’t know how to put them up, there are a lot of instructional videos on Youtube and there will always be a manual with it in the box. If the manual is missing, you can ask the manufacturer if they can help you out with the installation. They are a necessity especially if the city you live in is quite windy and you want to keep your trampolines where they should be. And that is definitely not your neighbour’s lovely apple tree.

When you have your anchor kits, you can leave your trampoline outside when the winds are a bit strong. But when you see that the trees are falling off, that is just the time you will want to keep your trampoline in the garage for a while. There are instructions in your trampoline’s box on how to dismantle the entire thing. If you have a 14-foot in diameter, that might not fit in your garage.  So think for other options.

Trampolines are big investments. Seeing it fly away is like seeing your money fly away as well. Not just that, you just might land in a big lawsuit. If your trampoline hits someone else and causes an injury, you will be paying for the damages, or prove your trampoline guilt free. Even the meds they will need after their hospitalization is part of the bill. There goes your vacation money…

To avoid such instances, get an anchor kit for your trampoline right away even if the sun shines in your place all year round. You’ll never know what’s going to happen next. Who knows, the wind speed just might pick up especially now that the climate is changing rapidly. Get your anchor kit today at our products page. Match it up with a pure fun 14-foot trampoline enclosure and you can go bouncing crazy. Yep, you can even fly and surely stay in place.

Four Trampoline Caution Signs You Shouldn’t Miss

Trampolines are made for recreational entertainment. Some use it to have fun on while others jump on the trampoline for exercises. There are a lot of instructional videos on what to do for exercises or you can join a class before doing things on your own. Plus, it’s always fun to sweat it out with a group. However, there are some things people forget when they’re already having fun. These are the caution signs that are stitched on to the trampoline and even included in their manuals.

This sign is a little more graphic than what you’re used to, but hey, it gets the job done. This is great for families who have little children who do not know how to read and even for those who know how to but choose not to.

This particular sign needs to be read before even getting in the trampoline. Probably the best way to let strangers know that this trampoline is not for the faint-hearted.

Let’s not talk about it.

Whoever made this sign just wants to keep it real and true. Nothing more, nothing less.


It cannot be stressed enough that these signs are made for a reason. Not to be a bore but for your safety. There is no amount of fun in the world that can be risked for your safety. Everything has limits and that includes enjoying yourself. The best kind of fun is something you can fondly remember and not a bad hospital visit.