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Learn the Important Ways to Have a Safe Trampoline Bounce

Children move a lot all the time. The moment they wake up, they will start jumping or running around. You can say that they have too much energy and you would sometimes wish that they would give you some. However, because they have short attention span, they often get bored with just running around. Getting them a trampoline will be a great idea because it’s a new method of having fun and it makes their dream of flying come true. And it will also help you balance their energy when they need to finally rest. Nothing gets a child’s energy drained faster than bouncing on a trampoline. Just make sure all the premier trampolines springs are in great shape and everyone is good to go.

You might ask how it can be safe for someone to lunge in the air on a mat that is semi-suspended. Well, there are a lot of things you can do. It just doesn’t start when your kids get on the trampoline. It has to start upon assembling it. Here are a few things you should take note of when dealing with trampolines:
  1. Find a trampoline that has safety pads that cover the trampoline springs. This will not just avoid pinching your little ones’ fingers but also prolong the life of the springs. It will act like a raincoat for them when the skies start to pour rain.
  2. Put it somewhere flat, preferably on grass or some mulch. The space should be large enough for the entire trampoline. If you live in a condominium, you might want to get a house with a lawn before purchasing your trampoline.
  3. Trim tree branches that hang over the trampoline. You wouldn’t want to wake up to a torn trampoline mat the morning after you bought it. This will also avoid unlikely accidents involving your bouncers.
  4. Attach a safety net around the trampoline. Most sets come with this already. This will keep you and your children from falling off the trampoline. These nets are flexible yet durable. They are usually UV protected, as well, so they won’t rip even after 5000 hours under the sun.
  5. Check your trampoline springs regularly and not just when your kids are already on it. This will help reduce unfortunate injuries. Because they are made of metal, they are susceptible to rusting and eventually will give up especially if there is a lot of pressure on them.

These are just a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to trampoline safety. It will not hurt for you to look after the trampoline by checking the springs, mat and even the pads from time to time in order to ensure the safety of your family and guests.

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Trampoline Pole Padding

We have found our trampoline pole padding to be very popular product.

Trampoline pole padding

In many cases, your pole padding on your trampoline has broken down in the sun, or your children have picked at it.  We recommend you look at buying a trampoline where the enclosure has sleeves which slide down over the enclosure pole and covers the padding.  We do not recommend enclosures which have ties or velcro straps to hold the enclosure in place. In this case, the pole padding is hidden away from the sun and little fingers.

Here’s how our pole padding are installed. Start at 1:13.

Things to Watch Out For in Trampolines.

Things to Watch Out For in Trampolines.

Trampolines, just like anything you have, gets worn out after a few months of use. Even with proper care, a few parts will just conk out. If they are left out and not checked on frequently, the possibility of accidents are on the high range. To avoid such, owners should be aware of these problems.

1. Ripped Nets


Once it’s ripped, chances of falling off are greater. Definitely defeats the purposes of having a safety net.

2. Worn out Safety Pads

When you see your safety pads torn apart like this, you should get a replacement as soon as possible especially when you have little children around. They are more likely to get caught between the springs.

3. Damaged Trampoline Mats

Don’t let their mischievous smiles fool you. Having a torn up trampoline mat is a big problem. Once there’s a tiny hole on your mat, it will not get any better. Call your trampoline manufacturer right away and ask for a replacement. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

This three things are usually the first ones that get damaged. The only way to avoid unlikely accidents is to prevent or immediately find a cure.

Five Reasons Why Every Family Needs a Trampoline

Lots of families own trampolines just for the heck of having one. They are actually great purchases especially for bigger families. In one single item, you have a gym, a play ground and a lot more.
1. You can “Follow the Leader”

This is a great game for toddlers. It teaches them to follow instructions and have fun at the same time.

2. Mom can do her work outs without leaving the house.

All she needs are a few YouTube videos to help her out.

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3. The kids can have sleepovers right in your backyard.

They don’t need to worry about getting backaches since the trampoline mat is very comfortable to lay in.

4. It’s safer to let your little girl draw on to instead of on the sidewalks or your wall. 

This way, you can see her playing while you’re doing the dishes.

5. It can also be a basketball court for your son.

You don’t have to worry where he goes with his friends anymore.

Trampolines are great since it is an all-in-one package. It is for everyone, not just the kids. Just be sure to have all the safety accessories installed to avoid mishaps like falls and having fingers pinched by the springs.