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Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Christmas is just a few weeks away and starting to buy the presents isn’t a bad idea. Why not start early than having to join the rush when you already have the time and freedom now? Besides, most of the sales start a month before anyway.

When you do your Christmas shopping, starting off with a list is good. Make one with all the names of the people you want to give gifts too. This will make it a quick and easy trip to the mall. Some people opt to go online shopping instead. This way you can send the gift directly to your loved one’s doorstep. Some retailers even offer free gift-wrappings. Isn’t that neat?

If you have zero to little idea what to give your loved ones this Christmas, here are some ideas.


  1. Portable Bluetooth speakers.

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    Your eldest son will love playing his favourite EDM tracks without having to plug his smartphone in. You know how kids are constantly on their phone, they just can’t live without it!
  2. Digital point-and-shoot camera.

    Gone are the days people lug big cameras around. It can be such a hassle especially when you travel. This small camera works fine and is easier to use even for the elderly.
  3. Electric Coffee Mug.

    We all know someone who’s constantly on the go. This coffee mug can be plugged in a car and the coffee stays hot throughout the car ride.
  4. Backyard Trampoline.

    It’s the best toy for anyone and everyone at any age. It can be a kid’s jumping mat, mum’s yoga mat and dad’s physical therapy gym. Grandma and grandpa can even use it too. Definitely the best gift a family can receive.
  5. Warm Scarf.

    Everyone needs a scarf for travels and the cold weather that’s arriving a few short months after Christmas. It’s a great accessory too.

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How to Have a Fun Christmas Party

It’s almost the time of the year people gather to be full and merry. Every Christmas party consists of a lot of good food and of course some entertainment. Since Christmas in Australia is during the summer, fun outdoor activities are a must! Here are some party ideas for you.

  1. Have a backyard barbecue.

    Nothing really brings Aussies together like a good old barbie in the backyard. Throw in some burgers, steaks and hotdogs on the grill. Some S’mores for the kids and a cold Tallie for the dad, everyone will be happy!

  2. Open your trampoline.

    No one can ever say no to jumping on the trampoline. The kids love it and the adults love it more! Just make sure someone’s keeping an eye on the jumpers at all times.

  3. Play games.

    Celebrate it like you do when it’s your child’s birthday. It will be fun to play parlour games like musical chairs or even charades.

  4. Give your guests a token.

    A little giveaway is always nice and appreciated by everyone. It can be a simple bag of candy or a nice home made pie.

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How to be Safe on the Trampoline

Yes, there have been many controversies about trampolines in the past. There have been awful news about injuries but there are also a lot of benefits of getting on the trampoline. It is great for doing cardio exercises, toning the muscles, therapy for kids with special needs and of course it is a great playground for both the young and old.

To be safe on the trampoline, there are a number of things you need to think about. First is location. When you place it in your backyard, make sure there aren’t any trees hanging overhead. Also have the area around the trampoline cleared out. Keep it away from the fence or walls too. Anchor kits are important too especially if you live in a windy area. Continue reading

The Only Backyard Accessory You Will Need

Having a big backyard means having a lot of space to do fun things in. You can add waterfalls in the corner or a nice outdoor spa. You can add a mini playground for your kids or grandchildren. The possibilities are endless when you have a big space in your property. But do you know what’s the best accessory you can get? It’s definitely a trampoline.

You can do tons of things on a trampoline. It can be your own yoga mat or even do other workouts on it. It can be the children’s playground, canvass and even have “camp” on it. You get several things for the price of one. How fun is that? Continue reading

One Thing Your S.O Secretly Loves to Do

Having someone in your life means you get to know them in a certain level not a lot of people do. Part of it is knowing what the secretly do at home. Here are some things your significant other might like but will never admit to.

They still enjoy jumping on the trampoline.

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It’s a workout that’s less painful than running and it’s just so much fun no matter what age you are. Admit it, you love it too.

Sharing secrets with your S.O. is important. It builds your trust with one another and even make your bond stronger.