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Four Spring Activities for Women

As the temperature goes higher, staying active can be both easier and harder. Not everyone enjoys the hot weather while there are also some who love basking under the sun during the day. Spring weather is the best time to be active as it is either hot or cold. It’s the perfect mix of the two. This is the time most women (and some men) love being active.

Here are four spring activities for every woman.


With just a few weeks away from summer a.k.a. bikini season, staying fit is a must! You don’t need to spend more than an hour to burn those unwanted calories. Rebounding is way better than running since it does not create much impact on joints on the knees and ankles!


Not everyone is a morning person and waiting for lunch is definitely a no-no when you’re famished. Brunch is the perfect time to eat since it’s in the middle of two meals, hence you won’t binge eat because you’re not very hungry! Continue reading

How to measure your trampoline mat

Springless trampolinesWe recommend that you regularly check the safety of your trampoline mat.  A small hole or tear in the matting can result in a serious injury if the user falls through the mat while being used.

When you order your replacement trampoline mat you need to take a few measurements to make sure you order the correct size.  Not all replacement trampoline mats are equal.


You firstly need to measure the diameter of your trampoline.  Run your tape measure over the width of your trampoline from frame to frame straight across the middle.  This will be for example,  12ft in diameter.  This is the size mat you buy.


Then count the number of springs that your trampoline has.  The trampoline mat you order needs to have the same amount of trampoline spring quantity.


Thirdly, measure the length of spring that you have on your trampoline at the moment, including the hook.  This is the step that most people forget or the site you buy your trampoline mat from does not advise you to do.  This spring length must be the same as the spring length that the mat you buy is made for.

For example: if the springs on your trampoline at home are say, 178mm long, and the 12ft replacement mat is cut to fit a spring length of 208mm, the mat will not fit.  The spring length must be the same.

So, you’ve found a mat that is the correct diameter and has the same amount of trampoline spring attachments, but the spring length is different, what do you do.  You have two options, re-spring the whole trampoline, or buy a whole new trampoline.

It doesn’t sound promising, but unfortunately we meet customers all the time who have  bought a trampoline and the store does not sell spare parts for their trampolines, or have disappeared into thin air.

Happy trampoline mat hunting.  Trampoline Replacement Mat

Three Must Haves for Every Trampoline Owner

Having a backyard trampoline isn’t really news. A lot of homeowners opt to having one instead of a swimming pool or a mini playground. It isn’t only for the little ones but also for adults who are up to have some fun. Of course, safety precautions have to be met by anyone who owns a trampoline.

Here are some must-haves for every trampoline owner.

1. Springless Trampoline

This kind of trampoline is recommended for families with little children. The absence of the springs make it less likely for small fingers and toes get stuck in between. It comes with a safety net, ladder and padding to ensure no one ever gets hurt when having fun. Continue reading

How to Care for Trampolines and Make Them Last for Years

Kids of all ages love having outdoor trampolines. They love playing on it and most especially jumping. They are great toys as they provide avenues for exercise too. They help kids have better coordination and balance. It can also be used for mum’s daily workouts. Good quality trampolines can be quite pricey but they’re worth the price since they’ll last you longer. If you care for them properly, they’ll last for many, many years!

Here are a few simple tips on how you can care for your trampoline and get to keep them for a long time.

Washing the mat.

You don’t need to do this every day. You can do it once every few months or when you see it start getting dirty. All you need is a brush, some water and a mild detergent. If you’re planning to store it for winter, make sure the mat is fully dried before packing it in. Continue reading

Five Habits Active People Have and Do

Having healthy habits can be quite hard to have and even more difficult to hold on to. Most of time, we would all prefer to stay in front of the TV to catch the latest episode of Suits or some cheesy reality show. Who could say no to pizza to go with that fun TV show marathon? It’s way easier than having to prepare a well-balanced meal.

Choosing the unhealthy, easy option always trumps over the healthy-takes-a-lot-of-time prepare meal. However, that isn’t always good. You’ll end up suffering serious illnesses later on in life. That’s not what you want. You may have wondered how the ultra fit men and women do it. Here’s how:

Get your body moving.

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Having a sedentary lifestyle only makes you lazier and has poor health. It may not seem immediate but it will affect you later on. Healthy people are always on the move. May it be on a bike or even on their backyard trampoline? They just keep on moving!


Get a good amount of sleep.


When you don’t have the ample amount of sleep every night, you are more likely to be sluggish during the day. Also, it can be a reason why you would get sick easily and in some cases, even have cardiovascular diseases. Having seven to eight hours of sleep is the way to go. It improves your mood and stabilizes your hormones.

Stretching before bed.

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It is proven that doing yoga or simple stretches before bed helps reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a good way to wind down after a busy day. Engaging in calming activities such as this helps you get a good amount of sleep. Yoga can help increase your energy level and even have a stronger immune system. Continue reading