Monthly Archives: July 2015

Four Fun Gifts Everyone Wants to Receive

There is no person in this world that doesn’t want to receive a gift. They are symbols of appreciation and gratitude. Kids especially love receiving them and wait for Christmas even if it’s several months away. Sometimes we ran out of ideas when you know someone has everything you can think of. Here’s a list of what everyone wants to receive for any occasion.

Springless Trampoline

Backyard trampolines are made extra fun without springs. You’ll definitely win aunt or uncle of the century if you send one over to your friend or sibling’s house. Continue reading

Trampoline and Three Other Better Things to Do Other Than Watch TV

photo 23Most of us won’t admit that watching TV is our favourite past time. Who would? It’s probably the laziest thing to do unless you’re following an aired episode of a hit workout show. But these days, who does that? As watching TV can be fun and entertaining, it can also be the cause of obesity. Being a couch potato does no good to anyone, especially children.

As it is not the healthiest thing to do on Earth, here are some fun alternatives you can do on your own or with the family.

Go for a walk. Enjoy the sights and sounds of your neighbourhood. If you live in the city, why not go around the park? Being out in the sun produces more happy hormones and you will have a better mood. Definitely a win-win for everyone. Continue reading

How to Be The Best Host to a House Guest

In this day and age, friends are living all over the world. When they stop by your country, your place may their chosen accommodation. So here are some tips to make your friends stay worthwhile and turn you into the best host ever.

Entertain them.

Go use your backyard trampoline and have fun. Make sure all your “amenities” are clean and in good condition. Continue reading