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How to Make Dad Feel Special

It’s the time of the year fathers are honoured for the person that they are. Like  few of us, many not only treat dad for a day but give him extra love and affection for an entire month. Dad’s are every child’s first best friend and for every girl, the number one man in their lives. Since they’re the ones that are hardest to find gifts for, making them feel special is a must. Here’s how you can make dad feel more special than ever.

1. Take him to his favourite place.

It can be a golf course or a firing range. Dad will love it when he sees you support his hobby.

2. Treat him to a spa.

Dads often wonder why mum loves the spa. The best massages of course! Let him try it and see how he enjoys it. Continue reading

Gift Ideas for Dad

Dads are really gifts from above. They teach you how to tie your shoelaces, ride a bike, what beer to drink (sorry, mum!) and teach you random things like how to do a cross eye face. They will be your first best friend but still the firmest when it comes to discipline. Nevertheless, they deserved all the greatest pleasures and the best gifts. Though they are the hardest ones to give gifts to, here’s a list on what to give the boss on his special day.

1. Toolbox.

They can never have enough tools and of course they need a place to store it in before mum throws them all out or give it to the neighbours.

2. Poker set.

This is for game night with his buddies or the whole family. Poker is an art, after all, despite being infamous for gambling. Friendly games won’t hurt. Continue reading

How to Encourage Your Children to be Active

In this day and age, children prefer to be on the couch or in their rooms playing on their tablet or computer. They would rather fight cartoon zombies than go out and run around. In order to find a balance between gadgets and real life play, mum and dads should find something they can play with at the same time, share with their siblings or friends.

Here are some tips for parents whose kids prefer staying indoors more than being active.

1. Choose the right activities.

Finding the right ones is very important. If they aren’t interested, they’ll end up uninterested and bored. Let them try getting on a trampoline. They get to have fun at the same time have a little workout.

2. Give them the time and opportunity to be active.

Take them to playgrounds or if you can, to amusement parks. Tons of stuff to do there for sure. You can also round up a group of parents and kids for a group play date. Continue reading

Three Things Every Home Needs

A house can only be a home when there are people who love one another. It wouldn’t be complete without the things your family has carefully put in it. If you’re moving to a new house, here are some things you will definitely need.

1. A bed.

To rest and lounge in. A bed is a place of solace, where you can find silence and calmness after a long day. Everyone needs that.

2. A trampoline.

For fun and games. We all need a breather and even a little exercise. A trampoline lets you have fun at the same time burn some calories. Continue reading