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How to Survive the Winter Cold

While the rest of the world is enjoying some sun, everyone down under is wrapped up in scarves and jackets. Truth be told, autumn just made a quick hello and flew by as quickly as possible. Finding heat is a must and boy, it is not that easy when you’re used to having the sun shining brighter.

Here are some things you can do to generate more heat for you and your sanity.

1. Be active.

Moving around makes your body create more heat. You also get to put off the winter weight that’s waiting to come to you. Don’t let that happen. After winter comes spring and summer. You don’t want to be flabby for your shorts and cropped tops! The best way to have fun and create body heat is by working out like jumping on a trampoline. Continue reading

Four Things to Do This Winter

You must admit, we don’t do winter too well. Everyone just loves the sun and the beach all too much! To help us keep up with the coming season, here are few things we can try while the weather is a tad bit colder than usual.

1. Make soup.

Soup is the best way to keep warm and have your tummies filled.

2. Take more walks.

Moving around lets your body create more heat. It’s also the best way to rediscover your city. So walk!

3. Hop on the trampoline.

As mentioned earlier, movement creates heat. Why not doing it while having fun? Continue reading

How to Let Loose After a Busy Day

Working for eight (or more) hours a day can be physically and mentally draining. Nothing feels better than hitting the sack after a super long day. Of course, that’s not going to happen in reality. When you reach home, you still have to cook supper and clean up. Doing this over and over again will be boring. Sometimes you have to let loose and shake things off.

Here is a list of things you can do to get your mind off of things.

1. Blast some music.

Don’t be shy, go on. Put your Taylor Swift CD on the player and dance to this sick beat. Continue reading

Five Things All Little Ones Love to Do

What does your little one love to do? We asked 10 parents and here are their common answers.

1. Colour.

We are all born artists after all. 2. Wall climb. Because where should we invest all those energy right? 3. Traditional Games Tablets and smartphones do get boring. Continue reading

Basic Stretching Before Your Trampoline Workout

Like any workout, a good stretch is a must to avoid injuries and muscle strains. It is best do before and after a strenuous exercise. Most fitness fans forget to stretch therefore leading to a bad injury.

Here is a good instructional video on how you should stretch before working out.

Enjoy your workout!