Monthly Archives: April 2015

Five Things To Do Today

Got a free day? Lucky child. A lot of people are busy during the week and have no idea how to spend a free day. When they do, they get fidgety and even grumpy when they have nothing to do. So instead of being a bored, why not make some fun? Here are a few activities you can do: Organize your house. Find places for everything. If you can, head out and buy all the storage bins you need. Having them will make things easier and quicker. It’s also the best time you will find your best “throwback” photos to share on social media. Experiment in the kitchen. Try new dishes or prepare the stuff you need for the dinner you’re planning for this weekend. Pre-bake the pork ribs, knead the dough, etc. Fix your closet. Have three bins with labels: keep, donate, dump. Think whether or not you’ve worn an item in the past year. If you haven’t it’s time to dump it. Continue reading

The Best Trampoline Tricks You Will See Today

Seeing guys up in the air jumping on trampolines is really cool. Especially when they do tricks. You might have seen doing them in their backyards is nothing new but once you see them in their playgrounds, your jaw will drop for sure.

Wasn’t that just awesome??? Coolest trampoline tricks you will see this month for sure.

How to Stay Fit and Happy

Staying fit can be hard to do especially when the weather starts to be cooler. You just want to curl up in bed and watch TV all day. This often leads to being sad. It is said that lack of physical activities lessens the production of your happy hormones, also known as endorphins.

Here are some things you can do to stay fit and happy:

Jump… Your backyard trampoline is just waiting for you to jump on it. Watch some videos online on what workouts you can do. You can even join the kids

Stay in touch with friends… while you’re at it, encourage them to work out with you. Nothing is more fun than doing group exercises.

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