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Four Things to Do this Weekend

Finally, it is the weekend. You’ve been waiting for five whole days for this. It’s time to sit back and relax with the family. But of course you can’t sit on your butt for two days straight. It is also the best time to keep moving and even squeeze in a good workout before the busy days catches up with you!

Staying active during off days is important so your body will not feel sluggish or tired. Burning a few calories isn’t too shabby either. In case you don’t have plans this weekend, here are a few things you can do to make it a productive one.

Buy your groceries.

Yes, the lines are longer during the weekend but at least you don’t need to be in a hurry. This gives you ample time to go through each aisle and find hidden treasures in the supermarket.

Plan your weekly meals.

The key to eating healthy is to plan ahead. You can prep some of your ingredients like chop veggies and put them in bags. You can pop them in the freezer to be cooked later on. This will make weeknight dinners win. Continue reading

How to squeeze in a Daily Workout

Time management isn’t everybody’s strength. It takes a super organized person to be able to do a hundred different things during the day and be in bed when the clock strikes nine. Here are some tips on how you can do all the things you need in a day.


At work, do heavier tasks in the morning. As much as possible, check your e-mails after them. Going through them whilst working on heavier tasks will make you finish later than expected.

Wake up early.

It is definitely the best way to do more during the day. Before you do anything, it is nice to have a moment of silence by meditating. After, you can do a workout in your backyard trampoline. It is already like running or biking for miles. It’s way more fun too.

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Five Things You Need to Do Before Hitting 25

Turning 25 is a milestone. You’re turning a quarter of a century! With that, a celebration is needed. It can be a party or an intimate dinner. However, those activities are some things you forget after a few more birthdays. One way to never blur the memories of achieving the age 25 is by doing things you’ve never done before. You already had 24 birthday parties under your belt. Why not do something new for a change?

Here are five things every 24 year old should do before they turn a year older.

Go on a solo trip.

Visit the temples in Bali or go trekking in Nepal. Wherever you want to go, book a ticket and let things happen. You’ll never get a chance to do them when you get married and have kids sooner or later.

Watch a movie by yourself.

This may seem simple but it’s one thing not everyone can do. It is really liberating and you get the chance to watch a movie without someone asking you what happened before.

Learn how to cook a cuisine.

Okay, not necessarily an entire menu for a typical Italian restaurant. Maybe just a few dishes! If you’re up for the challenge, why not go the extra mile? Check out the cooking schools near you and see what they offer. You can’t have fried eggs all the time. You have to make Eggs Benedict too!

Go jumping.

Visit a trampoline park or go jump on your backyard trampoline. Doing it alone gives you the space you need. You wouldn’t have to worry about bumping anyone too. Sometimes, it’s good to have fun by yourself. Continue reading