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How to Throw a Fun Weekend Barbecue

There’s nothing more fun than throwing a post-New Year party in your backyard to celebrate a clean slate and a fresh start. Having the perfect weather down under is too good to pass up a fun barbie!

If you have no idea what to do to have a fun backyard party, here are some tips!

1. Create a fun menu. Make sure the food is something everyone will like. If you’re not sure, you can ask everyone to do a potluck. If there are kids, make the menu friendly for their palette.

2. Make a good playlist. There are thousands of playlists online you can download. Don’t forget to throw in some “throwback” songs!

3. Put your trampoline to use. It’s the best way to keep the kids busy while the adults prepare the meal. You can use it to make room for the stuff on the grill, too! Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Activities You Should Have Done

After Christmas, another much-celebrated holiday was New Year’s of course! It was the time people danced and became drunk to welcome a whole new chapter, a clean slate if you may. Some people came over at your house to usher in what everyone has been waiting for after the year that has been. You may have friends and family over, too, to add a little more drama into the night. Entertainment was a thing that night and you still may be in a bit of hang over until now.

But do you think you could have done more or did something different?

Here are different kinds of fun you may want to consider for this years New Years that you haven’t done two weeks ago.

Board games.

Playing boys versus girls is always a good kind of fun. You probably won’t notice time pass by when playing games like Pictionary or Monopoly! Kids will love the challenge of playing with adults too. Who knows? They may even be better than you. Continue reading

Still Not Too Late To Get Your Children Gifts They Want

With a full time job, finding gifts for your kids can be quite a task. Spending hours in the mall will be a huge waste of time. That’s why the Internet is any working mum or dad’s best friend. Buying online saves time and even helps you wrap a present no matter how big!

Here are some of the best gifts you can buy online for your little ones.

Premier Trampolines 6 ft. Trampoline with Safety Net

Continue reading