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Take Your Game Night to The Next Level

Aside from hanging out in bars and going to clubs, game night is a good way to spend time with your friends. Challenging each other in every game is healthy for your bond. This is the time you see how one can stay cool while playing. But of course, game night can’t just be playing Dance Central on your Xbox or doing several rounds of Monopoly. Sometimes you have to be more creative.

Here’s a guide on how you can put more fun in your weekly bonding sessions with friends.

Have a cook off.

Think Bobby Flay in his show Throwdown. Each has a specialty dish and an opposing team can try to beat it to see who can make it better. The best part about it? Everyone is fed after a fun game of cooking.

Create a scavenger hunt around the neighbourhood.

This needs a little more planning than other games. However, it’s probably the best game you can ever play with your friends. Just remember to give your neighbours a heads up before putting clues in their mailboxes or front lawns. You don’t want their pet pitbull attacking anyone of your friends.

Have a mini Olympics in your backyard.

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Best Playlist for Your Summer Backyard Party

You can never be too prepared for every party you throw in your backyard. Sure, you have your menu locked down to perfection and your trampoline in the best condition. But what keeps a party going is the music you play. Here’s playlist you can play for everyone to get on their feet and dance.

Bet that got you on your feet, huh?

Trampolines – Why should kids have all the fun?

Just like kids, adults need some fun time too. They’re really just overgrown children who still want to play with Lego blocks and comb their Barbie’s long blonde mane. Sadly, society thinks being fun-loving is being childish! But who cares what they think, right?

Since no one really should care about what others think, here are fun games for adults to play on the trampoline.

Just throw some balls in.. don’t forget to have the safety net installed!

A good game of dodge ball.. Let’s face it. It’s really an adult game.

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Awesome Activities for Adults this Summer

Who said only kids can have fun during the warmest time of the year?! Whoever that is, does not live a fun adulthood. Remember, age is nothing but a number. Working all day in the office or having a handful of kids to take care of can be very tiring even if it is rewarding. Everyone needs a break from the real world and catch up with their inner child.

Here are the fun activities for the children at heart.

1. Go swimming in the beach, not just the pool.

The best way to cool off is taking a dip in the ocean. While the sun is shining, the water can be cold and just relaxing! You get a better tan than swimming in a pool, too. Continue reading

How to Get Your Kids to Calm Down

Kids are little balls of energy. They have an envious amount of power that’s very hard to keep up with. They can play all day and won’t fall asleep until all the lights are off. Some parents may have a hard time catching their breaths while trying to keep the kids calm down. Fortunately, there are cheats and tricks on how you can get your little ones to stay put or even take an afternoon nap!

Here are some tips for mums and dads who have very active children.

1. Baby Yoga.

Yoga can help anyone calm down, even you. Take your kids to a yoga class for them. They can learn how to be still and waste some of their over-packed energy. It’s a great way for them to socialize too!

2. Give them a massage.

Touch is very important for young children, especially babies and toddlers. Massaging their temples and rubbing their shoulders can help them calm down quickly.

3. Let them spend a good half hour on the trampoline.

Since they have all their energy pent up inside, why not put it to good use? Trampolines are great toys to put their energy in. Its versatility is for everyone in the family. The kids can use it to learn how to balance better and be fit while playing. Everyone can join and have fun too!

Trying to calm your kids down will not be an easy feat. But hey, they need to get some rest too! These require a lot of patience and tons of strict rule imposing. Once they get a hang of your routine, it will be easy breezy for you.