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More Motivational Music for Your Daily Workouts

Working out is never fun without some tunes you can pump up to. You’ll feel more tired and weary without some kind of motivation. These songs will help you endure your workouts longer and even feel stronger after. You can even use one song to time your planks.

Don’t you feel more motivated to work out now?


How to Enjoy the Warmer Months in Your Home

Spring has finally sprung and summer is just a few weeks away. With all the sunshiny glory the sun is giving Australia, who doesn’t want to lay out all day? The kids especially love spring and summer because they can go out and play all day without freezing their little bums out. The adults love it for the colour and the various flowers in bloom.

Of course these months shouldn’t be let go easily without having some bonding time with the family. Study shows that children who have strong relationships with their parents grow up with more success in their lives. Here are some fun activities you can do with your kids to build a better relationship and a brighter future.

Build a vegetable patch in your backyard.

An activity that needs group effort like planting your own veggies is a perfect way to bond with your kids. You can teach them the importance of eating their greens too. They will love how they can grow their own vegetables and reap their hard labor by enjoying a good green meal.

2. Cook supper together.

Teaching your kids chores like cooking can help them learn the value of hard work in the kitchen and love for good food. Search for an easy recipe you know you can do and they can actually want to eat. You can also use the vegetables you planted in your backyard. Continue reading

Four Trampolines Your Family Wants

Trampolines are probably the only toy the entire family can enjoy together. The kids can use it as their playground and even have friends to play with them. For mum and dad, it can be where they can do their daily workout. As for teenagers, they can use the trampoline to be their tent during sleepovers. They are really versatile toys everyone can use.

Here are some trampolines everyone in the family will love to have.

For your cute toddler:

This Mini Toddler trampoline is perfect for smaller kids. They won’t be too overwhelmed with the excessive space they have. It is low enough so they won’t get hurt in case they fall. Mums particularly love this as they can turn around for a while and not worry about accidents that could happen.

For the bigger kids:

A good 14 ft. springless trampoline with a basketball hoop will send your kids over the moon. They will love how they’ll safely land on the mat without getting their fingers and toes caught in the springs. Less drama in the background for mum too! The basketball hoop comes with the trampoline so you don’t have to buy anymore accessories.

For mum and dad:

This is 12 ft. spring trampoline is a big enough space for parents to do their workouts. A basketball hoop can be attached in case dad wants to challenge mum for a friendly game of ball.


For the whole family:

If you have a big family, you better go bigger with your trampoline. Who wants to miss out in a family day in your trampoline? No one. This 16 ft spring trampoline is made for you and your bunch. It can be your basketball court, gym and even your tent in case you want to sleep outdoors for the night.


Trampolines are definitely great for the entire family.  They are safe and helps the entire family become more fit! Bonding with your kids is very important. It will help them grow up to be better people. You get to stay fit and in touch with your kids. Definitely a win-win situation for any family.


Take Your Trampoline to the Next Level

If a trampoline can bring your kids so much joy, wait until they see the hoop you installed.

Today, everything has “accessories” from phone cases that come in different colours, drones for aerial view photos, and even a roving robot for your tablet. Here are some accessories your trampoline may need.
Anchor Kit.

In some areas, wind can be stronger than Hercules. They can carry trampolines up to your neighbour’s lot or even tangled up in your electric wires (yikes!). To avoid flying trampolines and such, get your trampoline a good old anchor kit. It will be your hero especially when the wind picks up speed.


Unless you’re as tall as Yao Ming, you may need some help from your good old friend the ladder.

Basketball ring

Come on, who can resist playing basketball in your trampoline?

When you have all these great accessories for your trampoline, your kids (and possibly you, too) won’t ever have the need to go out and spend fun outside of your home. All you need for entertainment is right in your backyard.

How to Choose a Trampoline

This may seem like a no-brainer but some may need a refresher. Trampolines are amazing structures that provide fun and even fitness activities for every member of the family. However, they can be placed just anywhere. There are some things homeowners may want to consider before getting one of their own.

1. Measure your space. A trampoline needs at least two meters of clear space. It should also be away from fence. A smaller trampoline might be better if you have a small yard. If you’re not certain on how much space you have, consult your house’ contractor about the measurements.

2. Clear the overhead area. Make sure no branches from trees are hanging over your trampoline. A branch may be the cause of rips and tears of your trampoline mat. Replacement mats are available but it’s going to cost you a whole lot. Cutting of overhanging branches is easier and cheaper than buying a new mat every month.

3. Get some cushioning for outside the trampoline. Even if you have a safety net around your trampoline, some extra safety precaution is still better. This is recommended for those who have small children.

4. Read reviews. You can learn so much from reviews posted by previous customers on a trampoline company’s online store. They have firsthand experience with customer service, the feel of the product and assembly of the product. It’s best to trust them than just the company’s description of it.
Knowing all the specs about your trampoline is very important. It will save you tons of time and money. As it is a big installment for your home, it is best to take your time and study the product. Choose wisely and enjoy!