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Jump to Welcome the Sun

In just a few weeks, winter will be over. More sun, less cold. Just about time right? No one in Australia ever enjoys wearing three layers of clothing. Its never true that “the cold never bothered me anyway”. Everyone loves their shorts and shirts. Well who doesn’t? The heat can be brutal but it is well-loved by Aussies. So why not send the cold a going-away party?

First, you have to plan it all out. You can’t have a party without some planning. You can have a theme or just a normal let’s-eat-and-chat kind. To add excitement, why not take of your trampoline cover and use it as everyone’s playground? Continue reading

Trampolines You Wish You Already Have

You can never hear anyone say they don’t like jumping on a trampoline. However, not everyone has one. Maybe not even yourself. They are great toys to have and share with family. They can be used by everyone and anyone, even your kids! When they grow up they can still use it for their workouts. How convenient, right? You get a playground and a gym in one contraption.

You’ve probably seen the normal trampoline. Here are some that you will most definitely want for yourself.

1.  6ft Mini Toddler Trampoline With Safety Net

If you have kids, this is the perfect size for them. It isn’t too high nor too low. You can put it inside the house or outside. This definitely a best seller. Continue reading

Determine the Size of Your Trampolines to Know How to Replace It

Often times, we forget the specifications of household things like trampolines. It is important to know them when the time comes a replacement is needed. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a mathematician to know how. You just have to use your common sense.

Here are some ways on how you can determine the size of your trampoline.

1. For round/circle trampolines. This is what everyone usually has, but hey, let’s just include the others.

  • to find the diameter, start from the metal edge of the trampoline. Measure straight across until you reach the metal edge.
  • when you need to measure the frame’s diameter, do the same but perpendicularly. Add them together and divide by two. You will get the approximate trampoline size.
  • you might wonder why you have to do it twice. It would be give a more accurate measurement in case the frame is bent or damaged. Also, make sure that all the springs are properly attached before measuring.

Continue reading

Five Things Grown Ups Shouldn’t  Do

Every once in a while, it is a necessity for someone to forget about  their problems and just have fun. It can be as crazy as dancing in clubs or as simple as having all your girlfriends over to have a movie night at home. No matter what makes you have fun and relaxed, do it.

However, there are some things everyone must know. There are some activities that are fun even if you think they are.

1. Poke fun at people. Seriously, you’re a grown adult. Poking fun at anyone, even if it’s your friend, is not nice nor cute. It only says a lot about you rather about them.

2. Drink excessive amounts of alcohol and trash your ex’s new girl/boy friend. High school was over and done a decade ago. Get over yourself and sober up. Nothing good ever happens when too much vodka is consumed and unlimited texting is involved. You will regret everything once you wake up. Continue reading

What Everyone Needs to Remember About Trampolines

Today, people are very much concerned about being healthy and fit. They constantly find something new to do. They like workouts that incorporate fun with the movements. Some like going to a dancing class while others find joy in doing laps in a pool. There are also some that find trampolines the best place to have fun in. Aside from fitness benefits, jumping can do a lot of great things for your mental health.

Here are some great things about trampolines:

1. Body Balance. Jumping on a trampoline constantly challenges the core to find its center of gravity. This makes it easier for anyone to be able to balance themselves on solid ground and even on an unstable surface like the trampoline mat. Continue reading