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Fam Bam Weekend Time

It’s Friday again and school’s out for the kids. Treat them out for a job well done. It is important to show them you are proud of them and give them something they would enjoy. Kids strive more when they are shown appreciation. What mum doesn’t to have her kids on the honour roll?

Here are fun activities to reward your kids’ good behaviour:

1.  Watch a movie. Everyone loves a good cartoon. Take them out to see the latest Transformers movie and have a big bucket of popcorn. A simple treat like this will give you a thousand kisses!

2. Visit the park. You’ve heard a thousand begs from  your kids to take them to the park. Now is the time. With school work piling up, the weekend is the best and possibly only time for the kids to visit. Watching them play is the best entertainment.

3. Use Your Backyard! That trampoline is there for something and that is bonding time with the kids. The fun equipments are not just for playing but also a great way to work those muscles out. They’ll definitely fall asleep earlier than you know.

Bonding time with the family is a great way to keep tabs on everyone. This is your chance to stay connected with the kids. When they’re used to opening up to you, you won’t have to suffer the consequences of having distant teenagers when they get older. Show them you want to have fun and you can be silly too. Kids love it when they see their parents get down and dirty. Try these activities this weekend and you’ll definitely have a blast!


Meeting Special Friends in Trampoline Parks and Other Unconventional Areas

For single ladies and men, meeting someone isn’t as easy as they show in the movies. No one ever meets the love of their life out in the street like Richard Gere and Julia Roberts did in Pretty Woman or like Rachel Adams and Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. It takes a lot to meet “The One” these days. Some just wish it was easy as slicing a cake. But no. The universe does not like making things too easy.

You’ve probably gone to every bar in the city, every coffee shop in your town but still can’t find anyone you fancy or who fancies you. Hmm.. Don’t blame yourself first. You just might not be in the right place. Here’s a short guide on where you might meet the guy of you never ending dreams.

1. Trampoline Park. If you’re looking for a guy or a girl who likes having fun, this is the place to be. It’s not just a good workout place but also a great venue to meet other people. When they see you like  having fun and being silly, no doubt they would want to ask you out.

2. Supermarket. If you’re a health buff, you might meet a special someone by the fresh produce area. Lots of guys nowadays cook their own food. Make sure they don’t have a ring on their finger before striking up a conversation. Continue reading

Fun in the Winter Rush

Once the  cold sets in, school for the young ones is out. With a few weeks of nothing on their hands, they are bound to start complaining about being “bored”. No parent ever wants to hear that especially when it comes with some whining. Yes, every parent must come prepared as the real storm comes in:  the kids.

Whenever parents go to a restaurant (or anywhere outside the house) with the kids, they have a bag of tricks and toys. This lets the kids calm down for the first 30 minutes. Come on, everyone gets anxious and fidgety when waiting for the food to arrive. But when they’re home, the bag of tricks may not be enough anymore. It’s time to let out the big guns for awesome fun.

Here are some energy-consuming activities for the kids (and the folks, too):

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Warm Workouts

No matter what season it is, keeping fit is a struggle. It takes discipline and a lot of patience to achieve a fit and healthy body. During cold seasons, the struggle is multiples to horrible levels . Running is hard to do even at noon because of the freezing temperature. How do you run when your joints feel frozen up?! Being on the treadmill isn’t even going to cut it. Nothing feels better than being out and breathing the fresh air when taking a run.

However, there are alternatives that will make you less lazy during the cold weather. Some you can even do at your own home. Nifty trick, huh?

Bikram Yoga

This kind of yoga is not for the faint hearted. It’s doing yoga in a heated room. What’s good about this kind of yoga is it keeps the body warm and perfect for winter. You get to work out and keep warm! The best combo for any fitness addict.


This is the best workout for those who just want to stay home during the cold winter season. You can even place an order online for your rebounder and they can ship directly to you. Tons of workout videos are posted online for free. It’s a cheap work out just like running. And again, you can do it indoors.

These are just two of the many workouts you can do at home during the winter season. It’s really just a matter of determination to keep the winter weight off. Remember to consult your doctor before doing anything!

Sharing Warmth During the Cold Season

Ahh! The cold is within every Australian’s midst. The sandals are kept and the boots are out to play. It can be quite a struggle to keep warm during the coldest time of the year. Everyone bundles up in layers of clothing and try to stay indoors for warmth. However, it isn’t only humans and pets that need to be bundled up during the cold months. Trampolines to keep warm too especially for those in the highlands of Victoria and New South Wales where there’s snow to deal with.

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