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Family Day Minus the Gadgets

In the day and age of gadgets and technology, spending time with the family can be a challenge. Nobody ever wants to put their phones and tablets down! Dad is constantly on call for work, while the daughter is chatting her day away with friends. The little one is also busy playing games on his tablet. Mum is now in the dilemma of not knowing how to gather the family for a nice, gadget-free evening at home.

Once in a while, every family needs to have their alone time together. No phones, no tablets, no internet. This is the only way everyone can share their lives without having to deal with that annoying beep that goes on every five seconds. Yes, it may sound boring because you’re just used to having these toys around all day; but it the benefits will show in the long run. So, for this weekend, impose a rule: NO GADGETS.

Here are activities that is fun for everyone and nobody will ever come looking for their phones.

1. Plant an organic herb garden in your backyard.

You can have all the stuff you need for your kitchen. Oregano, rosemary, basil, etc. You name it, you can have it in the comfort of your own backyard. You can also add some other vegetables like carrots, eggplants, tomatoes and cabbage. It’s a good way to show your kids the life cycle of a plant. Time consuming and educational, perfect!

2. Clean the House.

This may seem so tedious for the kids, but this is a great way to spend time together. Working on each room like a team will generate great results, like learning how to clean and being united with the same goal: have a clean house.

3. Play time!

The best time to let the children want to spend time with you is by doing something they will like or already do. They will see how much fun you also want to have. Kids have a perception that parents are boring. Delete that stigma and show them how to what you got. A visit to a trampoline park will elicit the biggest of hugs from your kids. Or your can purchase your own trampoline for easy access at home.

Bonding with the kids doesn’t have to be expensive. What matters is the what you do including the efforts you are willing to initiate to build a stronger relationships with them. So better do it now while they are still young and let the memories stay in their hearts forever.


Trampoline Superstars

Since the year 2000, trampolining has been recognized as an Olympic event. The art of jumping has caused a following and they are definitely one of the most watched events. The athletes showcase different moves and flips as they soar into the sky. They may make it look easy but that one move required weeks and weeks of practice.
Here are some trampoline athletes that you need to know about.

1. Irina Karavayeva

She is a Russian trampolining world champion. She has been the world champion for a staggering 12 times. She also won the very first trampolining event in the Olympics in 2000. Irina also won nine times as the European Champion for trampolining.

2. Karen Cockburn

She was Canada’s representative for the Olympics and World Games. She won the former even three times and the latter event twice. Karen had a lot of wins during her career. She was consistent in being on top.

3. Anna Dogonadze

She won gold medal in the 2004 Summer Olympics for the trampolining event. However, she did not covet the title during the Sydney Olympics in 2008. She was the oldest to compete in the same event during the London Olympics.

Trampolining might not be as famous as basketball or volleyball but they surely have great athletes such as these three. The time and effort it takes to perfect each move is impeccable and leaves some speechless. The discipline that comes along with it is enviable to some.

Four Safety Tips for All Trampoline Users

Having a trampoline at your disposal is always an advantage. It’s fun and can also be used for fitness. It can also be a canvass for a mural or a soft playground for children. There are a thousand of things that can be done on a trampoline. However, users should be mindful of taking precautionary measures to avoid injuries and wounds.
Here are a few things every jumper should take note of.

1. Do not allow multiple jumpers.

The frame and the mat can break. The people on it also has the tendency to bump each other and one may fall on the ground. An adult should always be on the look out when there are people especially children on the trampoline.

2. As much as possible, remove the ladder when there is no adult supervision.
This will create easy access for little children. It is better for a parent to put a child one by one on the trampoline. This may seem taxing but it helps avoid danger.

3. Install safety nets and you will have less worries.

They may seem fragile but they are a great help. They will keep everyone in the trampoline and not falling off of it.

4. Do not do back flips and somersaults.

Only do this if you have lessons or you have a acrobat coach with you. If falls are bad, there are risks of brain and spinal cord damage that can cause paralysis or death.

In order to have good fun, the rules must be followed all the time. If a bouncer wants to do tricks, they must have proper lessons on how to do them. And if possible, do not let little children do them. They are more at risk than adults.