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Five Things To Do this Weekend

Raising a family is not an easy feat but it is definitely rewarding. Weekends are made for everyone to gather along and be with each other. Your children won’t appreciate it now as they would prefer to hang out with their friends or stay in their room. This goes out for those who have teenagers. This weekend, bond with your family on your backyard trampoline.

Check these games you can play together.

1. Hopper Balls

Jump with these across the trampoline for guaranteed laughs and smiles. You can also have a contest on how goes around the trampoline fastest.

2. Jump Ropes

The one who skips most, wins the game and gets a chocolate bar. Sounds like a perfect prize!

3. Street Art Smart

Let your trampoline be the canvass for a family-collaboration mural. You can have a theme or a story. Everyone can help out and you can release your creative juices. Don’t worry about damages, chalk can easily be washed off the trampoline mat.

4. Hopscotch

Here is another game that everyone is familiar with. You can use your sidewalk chalk to make your hopscotch map.

5. Crack the Egg

Have someone sit in the middle and let everyone else jump around him/her. The moment he or she falls, she’s out and a new egg will be chosen.

Bonding with family does not mean you have to go on a vacation out of town. You can have it in your own backyard. It’s cheap but still packed with fun. Put your trampoline to good use and share laughs with the entire family.

Three Health Benefits for Children on Trampolines

Bouncing on a trampoline isn’t just for having fun. In fact, it can help young children develop athletic skills. It improves coordination and balance as well as rhythm and agility. A lot of athletes perform exercises on the trampoline for these skills. Yes, even the macho basketball players get on the trampoline. Whatever sport your child chooses to play, trampolining can be a great help.

1. Trampolines can be recreation and entertainment at the same time.

They are better toys than having game consoles and computers at home. The children will be more active and healthy. They don’t even have to go to the park to play.

2. They help a child develop their balance.

Jumping on a trampoline will make your child more aware in finding and maintaining his or her proper balance. The constant change in their center of gravity will make them more balanced than they seem.

3. It is also a good sport for children who do not like joining other games.

Being on a trampoline will give them a tiny bit of success and they will feel fulfilled. Most children do not join games because they are afraid of being bad at it. Nobody can be bad at jumping so this is a great way to introduce your child to playing games with others.

These are just three of the many benefits trampolining has for your kids. They are a great help especially for parents who do not know what to do with their child’s excess energy. The feeling of exhilaration will leave them breathless and excited. Just remember to follow all safety guidelines to avoid injuries.

Four Things You Can Do to Your Old Trampoline

There comes a time that kids just get tired of doing their usual things. They shift their attention to something else more interesting to their eyes. Some do another sport or just want to focus on their studies. When that happens, the trampoline is often neglected. It would be a shame to have it disposed.
Here are ways you as parents can utilize your old trampolines at home.
1. It can be transformed to a hammock.

2. The trampoline mat can also be used to cover things.
Ingenuity at its finest!

3. It can also be a tent for your outdoor veranda.

Might get wet a little when it rains though.

4. It can also be a chicken coop too.

That is, if you’re into chickens.

There are a lot more things you can do with your old trampoline. It just takes a little creativity and some ingenuity to have a totally different piece. Recycling is the best way to go.